Who Is Me?

A 23 year old Advertising student, studying in RMIT (Melbourne, Aus), who is hopefully going to graduate middle of 2009 and enter the workforce. Which workforce, that remains a mystery. I can be quite fickled sometimes, depending on the situation.

Am quite good with maths and accounting. Can honestly say that I love maths and accounting, much to the disgust of most. I dunno, it’s the chinaman in me I guess. Too bad I ended up in a field filled with people who regard numbers as aliens and wish that they didn’t exist.

I randomly blog about random things, and I am more of an observer than a participant. I fade into the background among groups of people, but I’m more myself among people I am comfortable with. I guess I’m kinda like a mental patient I guess. =P

I am usually quite positive about things and life et al, which I guess is generously counterbalanced by many of the people who surround me. I guess that’s just the universe’s way of evening things out. I do have moody days, but they are uncommon and usually don’t last long. A good dose of music or ice-cream or some cold dessert snaps me out of it very easily. I realise that sleep or naps helps too.

I’m quite techy, and I guess it’s a skill that I wholeheartedly appreciate. I live to be surrounded by technology, and I enjoy every bit of it. I spend way to much time online, so much so that the internet robbed me of my health in that I stopped going outside to play games and sports when internet (and satellite pay-TV) was introduced in Malaysia 2 decades ago. But yeah, the internet’s the bomb!

I used to be quite fussy with cleanliness, but nah that phase has passed. I’m still somewhat picky when it comes to food, but I’m generally quite easy to please. Just make sure there isn’t any beansprouts lurking nearby, and my meals are generally enjoyable. I’m not like those people on Maury Povich who fear things like mustard and pickles who start fleeing and crying at the sight of them. I just detest beansprouts, but sometimes am too arsed to pick them out of my food should I forget to customise my order.

I guess that pretty much sums up some parts of me. The rest, I would prefer for you to discover yourself. There’s only so much I can talk about myself before I start sounding vain and full of myself. Please, I know better than that.

Go me! 😀


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