Where’s The Remote?

I watched The Ugly Truth yesterday and whilst it’s your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy with a still watchable journey towards a predictable happy ending, I did take something from it.

More often than not I have this urge to check plans for phones or internet, sometimes even other things like toll rates, membership discount cards, promotions and offers etc that are applicable to me. I don’t know if it’s an “auntie” thing or a “cheapskate” thing or what, but I always have this unexplainable need to figure out what the best offer/deal/rates are. And the worse thing is, once I figure these things out, I sometimes have this strong urge to get the people who are on the less-economical rateplans to switch to the more economically sensible ones.

Is that one of the traits of a control freak? Although I’m not as eccentric as Katherine Heigl’s character who fusses over every single detail and even does background checks on people she dates, the fact that I have this unnerving need to “advise” people to go for the better deal makes me wonder what exactly this trait I have is all about, let alone what it says about me. On the plus side, people can easily turn to me when they want to know which to choose. It’s just another one of those random things I seem to know about.

The cinema where I went to watch that movie had a booth promoting DiGi’s new Unlimited Music thing, which led me to Maxis’s Music Unlimited (which isn’t the unlimited you think it is), following which led me to checking out the call plans Hotlink offers. It’s weird, and it’s utterly irrelevant since I’m not even using prepaid, but there I was switching between the various plans trying to figure out the differences in the offers and identifying any catches or strings. And now, I have this strong urge to ask a few people I know using Hotlink what plan they are on, and recommending them to switch to the economical one since they are eligible for it.

Yep, it’s the Hotlink youthclub. And no, I’m not being paid to promote them, although the income would be much welcomed. The rates are so unbelievably cheap compared to the other 2 possible plans, and it’s sort of killing me on the inside not knowing whether my friends are on that plan or not since they are eligible to join. I just can’t live with myself knowing that people are going on using expensive plans and unnecessarily paying more for the same quality of service.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Actually, I don’t even know if this is a bad thing or not. Afterall, I’m not being employed by these people to solicit my friends of which I’m quite sure many would find annoying and to some a little bit “gross”, so I kinda wonder if people appreciate my free service to help them save money or am I just being a little too much of a control freak that I need to have everything and everyone do as I say the way that I want it to be.



I Like!

This is just a random post to share something that I like: TV idents. I also have a thing for continuity announcements (which we don’t have in Malaysia), but I’ll cover that another time perhaps. 😛

If you’re wondering what on earth TV identifications (idents) are, they’re basically the branding of television stations where you see the station’s logo identity. Anyway, this fascination of mine started a long time ago when I was in Singapore watching their local television when I noticed their cool idents with the music and effects which gave the station a sort of persona, something one wouldn’t normally associate with a TV station. Always felt jealous because Malaysian TV never had anything of the sort that was cool and modern looking.

Then when I visited Hong Kong for the first time about 3 years ago, I got to watch their local television stations, including the famous TVB stations where all the famous Hong Kong dramas come from. That was when my interest in TV idents refueled, because their idents were quite amazing. Plus I really liked the jingle they used. Just felt very futuristic coming from a TV station that produces rather predictable drama series.

Anyway, they launched a new ident for 2009 which I feel is even more cool, and I like the added effects they did to the jingle. So yup, this post is just to share with you the previous and current ident for TVB Jade HD (高清翡翠台), Jade being the Chinese channel and Pearl being the English one, if you didn’t know. The idents before this were kinda crappy, which you can go YouTube search yourself.

Previous TVB Jade HD Ident:

Current 2009 TVB Jade HD Ident:

The new TV3 idents are also not bad, very “homely” feel to it. But sadly I don’t watch enough local TV to get to see all this happen.

I also quite like the idents for Star World. It’s quite cool, they actually did a few versions for different markets to adapt to the cultural differences such as women’s dressing, sports, religious differences, locality, etc:

Asia – General (HK-based):


Middle East:

I like how they had two women to account for the social differences in the Middle East where women are generally not allowed to go out by themselves alone and unescorted. This video is also the only one where there are no other guys in the lift (khalwat, I’m guessing) and they don’t dance.


That’s about it. As strange as it may be, I have always wanted to work in a TV station just so I could do things like that. Heheh… K la, goodnight world!

Choc Choc Chip

Antarctica Clip

I have yet to seek comfort from ice-cream whenever I feel sad, yet it’s something you find common in the stories you read or watch. And it’s usually of people eating straight out of the pint/tub to add to the drama. Does ice-cream really make people feel better? If anything, wouldn’t it result in you gaining weight, and thus feeling even more depressed at your weight gain, and then you eat more ice-cream, and the cycle keeps on going?

Sometimes, I will never understand why we as human beings continue to do things even though logic tells us that keeping it up will only bring us harm. Perhaps we’re all just hopeful beings, all risk takers who have this big idea that it’s all going to pay off if we just suffer now.

The mysteries of human beings. No wonder aliens find us so fascinating that they’re always coming to abduct us. 😛


Does an addiction towards something usually result from the absence of it from your life?

I’m trying to figure it out if there’s something missing in my life that may result in me being addicted to a certain thing. I’m not talking drugs or anything, but something as “harmless” as perhaps a TV show or something with a storyline that I may relate to but not necessarily see just how far the link goes.

It’s thriving off me and slowly consuming me, and I’m just wondering how to make it stop. Not that I want to, but I think it’s taking away my precious assignment time. Hehehe…

No wonder people say television is evil. It sucks the life out of you and give you false hopes and unrealistic expectations of life, reducing you to an obsessive fanboy/girl who goes around the internet finding bits and pieces of the actors/-tresses, trailers, interviews, spoilers, pix n vids, and god knows what else. And with me being in Aus and having stupid bandwidth quotas for my net usage, that sucks big time! 😛


Is it just me or is it not really that politically correct for someone to call Mandarin “Chinese” and all other remaining Chinese languages/dialects their respective names, ie “I speak English, Chinese (meaning Mandarin), and Cantonese”?

It somewhat has this feeling that Mandarin is *the* absolute Chinese language and that the other Chinese “languages”/dialects are not as Chinese and shouldn’t be regarded as “Chinese” in its own right, but rather specifically mentioned.

Then again, Mandarin is the unifying Chinese language since most people from countries with a dominant/sizable amount of Chinese-speaking people are able to speak Mandarin. But still calling Mandarin as “Chinese” and not using the term “Chinese” as an umbrella term for all the languages/dialects of China (however you want to define “China” ie PRC vs ROC) kinda feels a bit preferential and unfair.

But ya, as the title says, maybe I’m just being a bit too sensitive. Heheh…


I had my first Advanced Copywriting lecture today, taught by 2 lecturers foreign to my Advertising department. No idea why we need 2 lecturers to teach at one time, and the way they were at it felt like as though we were watching a theatre play.

Eitherway, one thing they said left a bit of a disturbance in me. “All copywriters have a favourite writer”. They say it’s almost mandatory even. Worse thing is that the main lecturer who’s going to be in our tutes wants us to tell him who our favourite writer is tomorrow during tute.

My dilemma now lies in the fact that I don’t read. Not read anything, but I don’t read books. I enjoy reading magazines, Wikipedia articles, blogs, and other various online stuffs of interest, but I’m rarely caught reading books. I do enjoy going to bookstores and libraries, but I don’t bring back “souvenirs” with me when I visit those places.

I guess I can say that I don’t particularly follow one author or writer, and to be honest that’s the same for me with music. I’d like to think that I have a broad taste in music, listening to all sorts of songs from different genres, heck even different languages. I am captivated by rhythm and melodies, sometimes more so than the lyrics itself. That’s why I can appreciate foreign music without having to know what they’re yammering about.

Can I say the same about reading? Unfortunately for me, reading books can be somewhat daunting and I guess very “old-fashion” as compared to getting my daily word requirements from the internet.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to read. And I read a lot! But I guess when people see sentences like that, they’ll automatically assume I read a lot of books. But sadly, not to disappoint, but all my reading comes from various blogs and web articles of interest. Be it a review, a news article, someone’s account of something that happened to them, or just general news and interest stories, I enjoy reading those kinds of things. And Wikipedia is my library. Granted Wiki can’t be trusted 100%, but it’s still a great source of information or at the very least a starting point.

I am still feeling a bit perplexed as to how I’m going to go about answering the question tomorrow. Maybe I shall just come out and say that I’m not going to be a stereotype copywriter who has to read lots of books. Yes, that and that I don’t play favourites!

— ps: added an “about me” page. for fun. 😛