Hate Is A Strong Word

I just realised how the same weather that ran throughout the day gave me such different feelings and emotions. It was basically gloomy and rainy from morning all the way till nightfall, and although my day started out kinda blue, towards the afternoon I sort of enjoyed that it’s raining because the air was cooling to the point that today might probably be the only day I didn’t sweat in the office.

Rain is sometimes taken for granted. Some people wished it didn’t rain because it feels very gloomy and depressing, or it makes the temperatures unbearably cold to some useless weaklings, but I guess when you’re living in places like Australia which has low water supplies, rain is something that people look forward to eventhough the Aussies don’t enjoy the cold weather either that comes with rain.

That reminds me of my first week in Aus for uni. It was sweltering heat one moment that mum and I had to immediately go and buy a fan or else we’ll die from exhaustion, and then one day it rained in the morning and suddenly it felt like winter just flew in. I just loved it the moment you can feel the cold crispy fresh air. It’s one of the things I miss the most about my time in Aus, the lovely weather and clean fresh air.

I hate to feel nostalgic, but I really do miss the time I spent there. I think I’ve said a couple of times in this blog recently about how I usually don’t feel things like this or wish I could relive past experiences, but I think my time spent in Aus sort of broke my nostalgia-virginity and nowadays I’m always thinking back about the good old “innocent” uni student times with the assignments and lectures and tutorials and my days where I do nothing but wake up, eat, watch computer, go online, and sleep.

Growing up sucks doesn’t it? I think being bitter is part of adulthood. 😛


Some Random Filler For November

Can’t believe I neglected this blog over the weekend. My streak fizzled out just like that, and now I’m back to 0 again. Sheesh…

Working in a non-aircond environment is starting to take its toll on me physically. I’m getting my allergies again because of the sweat from wearing long pants in a hot and humid environment. They tell me I can choose to wear shorts if I want to, but I guess it just feels a bit weird going to work in shorts. Plus I still have to wear shoes, and I don’t have the best dress sense so I have a feeling I’m going to end up with a very salah mismatch attire of some kind of top with my very few shorts, socks and one of my 3 shoes.

And speaking of socks, a lot of my socks have gone missing now that I remember. I bought quite a lot of socks during my first 2 HK trips some 2-3 years ago, and I just realised I have no idea where they are now. I’ve been wearing my Melb-bought socks all this while, which although serves its purpose, are all in the same black colour and thus would further contribute to the salah-ness of my overall outfit.

And oddly enough, I was thinking of HK on my way back from work today. I’ve been visiting HK each year for the past 3 years already, and this year it seems quite likely with the little time left that I won’t be able to fulfill my “religious” obligations. Sob sob… my hui lau san. And of course, wu yuen san oso la. God knows the wrath that would fall upon me if I forgot about her. 😛

I wonder how my holidays are going to be like now that I’m working. The typical long holidays such as Christmas or CNY will change for me now that I don’t have the luxury of being away for too long. Well, if I were to have stayed in my current company they’d probably be flexible about it, but as I’m switching to a big one that has more procedures and approval processes it might get tricky. Who knows the people might already be pre-booking their CNY leaves and I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna let EVERYBODY take leave so I might get left behind along with the non-CNY-balik-kampung people. Sob sob again.

Dunno what’s wrong with my life now. Like some sad drama story. Hopefully got happy ending. Then again, whatever the outcome whether good or bad, if I’m happy, then I guess it constitutes as a happy ending regardless. So it’s all about how you view things people! If you see shit as shit, then it’s shit. If you see it as an opportunity, then you might need to get your head examined. 🙂

Happy Daylight Saving Ends Day!

It’s been a while since I blogged. No motivation, no inspiration, and just plain old laziness is to blame. The weather has turned lovely cold, just the way I like it.

School’s been getting a bit tougher with more work piling up, and more work not being done. I can’t help it… I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire.

Been trying out new places and stuff and it’s been quite fun I’d say. And I’ve developed an immense love for SoonDooBoo JjiGae. Mmmm… It’s my tofu love spilling over into Korean cuisine, originating from my ever predictable Mapo Tofu order from chinese restaurants.

Can’t believe it’s my last semester here. I don’t really know what to feel about it, but I guess I’ll try to enjoy myself as much as I can while I still can. I guess I’ll only study here once, and don’t know when I’ll ever come back here again.

And on other news, the people behind the tv show Lost are very smart dealing with time travel and its effect on the progression of time. I’ve always found flaws with a lot of shows and movies involving time travel, but so far Lost seems alright. They even sort of dumbed it down in the recent episode to sort of unravel how things can be the way they are. And they even verified my long standing theory that if people time-travelled to the past, they wouldn’t “change” anything because they would’ve already done so to “effect” what IS now. If you don’t get it, it’s nothing major. It’s just one of the “paradigms” of time travel.

Am I even using the word “paradigm” correctly? In my defense, that’s what the inverted commas are for… to show my unsureness of the usage. 😛

Happy Easter!

Snap back to reality

Today’s my first day of class for 2009, and in some sense of significance, it *may* be my last first day of class too.

That is if all goes well and I can graduate in time, and then after this I don’t continue with my studies. Such a shame that nothing in life is certain.

On a seperate note, got a blast SMS from the police yesterday about extreme weather last night and today. Last night was uneventful, but today the winds a blowin’ quite strongly. Wonder how bad it’ll be. :S


Started my day today with a very blah tone. Just felt extra emo today, and I think the weather’s to blame. I woke up late for my lecture, and i just rushed to uni without even brushing my teeth! Thank goodness I didn’t have to speak to anyone directly, or else I’ll be damn sian if my breath stank. I really need to arm my bag with mints or something.

After lecture, came back home to nap a bit, and then got started on my group assignment thing to present to lecturer for her approval. Did it, then went to uni for our group meeting to finalise stuffs before going for our meeting with lecturer to discuss. Discuss discuss, then finish.

After we parted ways, I went to Safeway to go and buy food since I don’t have anything to eat. I ended up buying stuff to make plain ol’ spaghetti. This time got effort a bit, added carrots and mushrooms on top of the usual minced meat and the sauce. I buy the sauces that have stuff in them (onions, garlic, herbs, mushrooms, that type) so they don’t just taste tomato-plain. Asked Fi for some guidance, and she gladly taught me while laughing at me and my lack of cooking knowledge, skills, and also crockery. Tsk tsk… hopefully she doesn’t consider teaching as one of her career choices.


Then chop chop chop, cook cook cook, and voila done. Ate it, and it tasted not bad. But I guess you can’t really screw up pasta, since it’s like the most basic food that anyone can make. I’m not fussy, so ya I thought it was okay. Although I do kinda like the salty sauce type, like you get from Secret Recipe (awwww I miss SR!!). Not sure if adding salt to the sauce will make that happen. I dare not try though. 😛

Haih, mention Secret Recipe, now I feel moody again. Hahahha… I miss Malaysia, for all the wrong reasons. I mean I do miss people, but I miss the food more leh. What’s wrong with me? Of course, I blame Her Majesty of OUG. I do wonder if I lost weight again or not. Dunnola.

I’ve been having a lot of spot rashes or allergic reactions daily, no idea what causes it. Eitherway I’m going to stay from the fried stuff from Safeway for a while, cause when I fried this schniztel yesterday, I could feel that my tongue swell because it became quite sensitive and there was a burning/poking feeling. So yup, not sure what’s the cause. I went to the doctor last month when I had a more severe case of “fong mok” (think it’s called hives in English), and the fella couldn’t diagnose my condition any better than I could. I also know it’s an allergic reaction, but at least I got a name for it. He didn’t, and he just prescribed me this topical cream which I used ONCE only. Dunnola. Back in Malaysia, they have a jab that they can give if you get “fong mok” and it clears up within a few short hours, but the doctor here didn’t know what it was and gave me a cream instead. Useless.

Seriously, here the clinic very nonsense. Some of them you need to make an appointment, or else they won’t entertain. I had to visit two clinics when I had my “fong mok” because the first one said they don’t have any more space. If I were any sicker, die already la like that. It’s not like I can plan ahead for sickness.

Being here, makes you appreciate Malaysia a lot more, for the food and the 24 hour clinics that not only know how to cure and consult you better, they don’t require you to predict the future and make advance appointments too!

Judging Books

Today my group met for the first time, as in all 5 of us (minus the 1 who we’ve all never seen before and is still MIA), and I was quite surprised to find that they actually did do their stuffs. I had my reservations and doubts, but they really did do their research and all that, which was quite a welcome relief! I myself had not done anything, and I thought we were going to be quite screwed today since we had to present our updates to the lecturer, but thank goodness my groupmates did something.

Was quite pleased to hear that we hit a lot of targets with our research document outlines, something which yours truly had a hand in redoing and polishing up of course. But I’m not taking all the credit since a lot of the points were brought by the group mates. I’m still not quite sure why they’re sort of outcasted from the rest of the class, since they do actually do work, although they do get distracted by things like Facebook and listening to music. I’m not sure.

Guess I should just wait for the answer to reveal itself in due time. Just hope it won’t intefere with the progress of the assignment, if not quite screwed.

On other news, Melbourne has turned into a freezer. I know over a month ago I was complaining about the oven-ness of my room, and now I am going to complain about the fridge-ness of my room. I dare not open the window anymore, but the cold air still comes in somehow. Trying to resist turning on the heater, since it’ll greatly increase my electricity bill. I do hope that the electricity company charges me according to my actual usage, and not a made-up number just to make things easier for them. I’ll be quite annoyed if they came up with a big number assuming that everyone’s using their heaters now.

Other than that, as the previous post would’ve clued, I had Korean food recently. I really should start “documenting” the places that I go and eat, but then I’m usually quite arsed to bother taking photos of the place or even remembering what was ordered and how it was. Memory’s quite bad, hence losing (gracefully!) in Bridge. But ya, I don’t know why but I never found myself interested in eating Korean food. I’ve had Korean food a few times before, but they were all several months or years apart. Eventhough Korean restaurants have mushroomed all over KL/PJ, it just never felt appealing to me. I do find Korean food not bad, but I just don’t feel used to it or have any particular craving for it.

I still feel that Japanese food is more sophisticated than Korean food. Plus Korean food has a lot of crap like veggies and whatnots in it, where as Japanese food is more minimalist and simple. I know I always mix my foods when I eat them (see how I eat mashed potatoes, you’ll know), but I think the Koreans do it wrongly. And the little side dishes, as nice as it is that they’re generally free and unlimited, most of it isn’t very nice either. Makes the table feel very cluttered and messy.

Besides that, I feel that even the Japanese names sound classier, like “sushi, teriyaki, chawanmushi” as compared to the Korean “bulgogi, mandoo, haemang tul”. Think the “L” makes it sound weird and a bit of a put off. Then again, maybe it’s my Chinese roots that causes me to despise the letter “L”. 😛

And why are there so many mainland China or Taiwanese Chinese people in Melbourne Uni? It feels rather icky to hear so many of them talking in their very accented Chinese and English.

I don’t know why I’m even going into that. Probably subconsciously finding things to talk about so that I don’t have to end up doing my assignment that’s due on Thursday! It’s a simple pimple assignment that someone once told me he could do in 10 minutes, but I don’t know… I’m not gifted with the gift of drawing, or resisting procrastination for the matter.


It’d be kinda cool…

If a giant monster came and terrorize Melbourne now. Then it wouldn’t be so boring now. 😛

Room Night View

It’s another cold night here, and I’m not sure if this is going to continue well into winter since it’s technically autumn now. Daylight Saving is ending next Sunday (April 6th), and it’ll be my first time going through it. I’ll gain an extra hour from 2am to 2.59am, and it feels kinda cool I guess. It’s a lame geeky nerdy thing to feel cool about, but I don’t care. 🙂

So far, this new blog seems to be going well. One blog post every other day. It’s a real progress from the previous blog, where it was updates once every few weeks/months. It’s not that I have nothing better to do that I can end up blogging so “frequently”. I do have assignments to work on, but then procrastination just loves getting to me, and I don’t feel like doing anything about it. Cos it’s fun!

K la, I won’t blog so long, because sometimes looooooong posts can be quite daunting to read (hey neo!). Hope everyone has a good weekend!