Silly Me

I always try to be profound;
I found I wasn’t a pro at it.
(I’m not lame. You’re the one who doesn’t have a sense of humour. Bleh!)

This weekend has been my longest break since I started working. It’s been 2 months since I entered the work force, and already I’m changing jobs. I start at the new place tomorrow, and I guess part of me is excited about the prospects of the new place, but it’s a very subdued part of me. I’m wondering if I’m starting to lose any sense of feeling in me, since life has been rather numbing/neutralising these past few weeks.

I spent the better part of today watching TV shows, which were the latest episodes of Family Guy and Desperate Housewives. And then I finally got around to watching (500) Days of Summer, which I really liked. It’s not too typical, but not too unbelievable either. It tells you one thing, and hypocritically teases you after that, which was a bit predictable but in an overall sense it’s something you can pretend you didn’t notice.

It’s sometimes a bit potong when you realise you’re relating yourself to characters in a story, because it kinda says that your life is clichΓ© enough to be put on screen. As guilty as I am with doing things like that, it does give you a sort of “3rd person perspective” on how things are, but at the same time also gives you fictional hopes of how things will turn out because evidently all stories end with happy endings, and although stories are sometimes adapted from real life, ultimately stories are NOT real life. Some people don’t realise that, whilst some others don’t want to believe that. Wonder where’s my place with that. πŸ˜›

I don’t know what life has in store for me, and I don’t even know if it has all been mapped out and someone out there is basically watching me executing these commands that have been set. People say life is full of choices, but I still believe that there is a possibility that your choices have already been decided, and you can’t choose otherwise because if you were to, it would’ve already been decided that you would be doing so. You can’t escape it, IF such a thing were true.

I wish I knew where I was heading. Why doesn’t Garmin come out with a product for that? Better yet, why do I keep wanting to know? I believe there is a deep and potentially dark underlying reason for my behaviour for always wanting to know, but I just haven’t figured out what that is yet.

Who knew my hand wasn’t the only thing that was screwing with myself. πŸ˜›


Midnight Nonsense

Guess I’m just posting something for the sake of not having a 2-week hiatus on my dear old blog. Just goes to show how little I have going on for me in a fortnight, doesn’t it? πŸ˜›

Am still as jobless as ever, although I hope things will change for the better in the coming work week, but I guess I’m not going to get my hopes up unnecessarily to avoid devastating disappointment. Keep things nice and steady as she goes, no highs, no lows.

Am pretty thankful that all my US TV shows are back on the air, although it’s not a daily occurrence thing but I guess those are the days where I should be really focusing on getting a job. Have taken on three new shows which is the musical Glee (which seems a bit blah, although I did enjoy the most recent episode), yet another vampire-based series The Vampire Diaries (it’s like a TV Twilight/NewMoon/etc, teen-drama watchable), and something fairly recent called FlashForward which is a sci-fi show about figuring out why people all over the world blacked out for over 2 minutes and all of them had their consciousness flashforwarded 6 months before waking up again to the disasters from their blackouts (ie rogue cars, planes, helicopters, etc). Still only 2 episodes in, but I think it’s getting somewhere. It’s set to fill in the shoes of Lost which is ending next year, and I really do hope it ends with a good big bang.

Think it’s a bit bad that I can talk so much about television. Although when you think about it, why is watching too much TV such a bad thing? Yes, there are some television shows which are utter crap, ie some reality tv shows. But there are also shows which inspire, which makes you think, which portrays stereotypes and then defies them. It brings to life what one could only imagine into something you can see and hear for your own self. Yes, books may be more stimulating because you have to mentally visualise things, but who’s to say that television doesn’t cause any mental stimulation as well? We’re after all processing what’s happening aren’t we? And with some of the shows on air these days, it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen, and you resort to trying to predict what’s going to happen next by figuring out what has happen, and what are the possible moves. It’s like reading a book AND playing chess at the same time! Cool right? πŸ˜›

The problem with television is that because it’s a new medium relative to the printed word, it tends to draw a lot more flak because it hasn’t been around long enough for people to assign to it this “artistic value” which makes something that may be utter rubbish become of importance and acceptable, like how nude photographs can cause more people to be offended as opposed to the nude paintings or sculptures which adorn the walls of museums and galleries. We accept it because it has been around longer. Racism has slowly faded in time because different races have been mixing with one another for a very very long time as well. Television is relatively still an infant compared to things like this, so perhaps one day it will get the recognition and respect it deserves.

So there you have it, my pointless late night post in defense for my watching so many television shows. With such capable skills to twist and turn something negative into something positive, I wonder why no company has snatched me up yet?

Probably cos I’m too busy watching shows to bother trying harder at getting a job, that’s why.

Choc Choc Chip

Antarctica Clip

I have yet to seek comfort from ice-cream whenever I feel sad, yet it’s something you find common in the stories you read or watch. And it’s usually of people eating straight out of the pint/tub to add to the drama. Does ice-cream really make people feel better? If anything, wouldn’t it result in you gaining weight, and thus feeling even more depressed at your weight gain, and then you eat more ice-cream, and the cycle keeps on going?

Sometimes, I will never understand why we as human beings continue to do things even though logic tells us that keeping it up will only bring us harm. Perhaps we’re all just hopeful beings, all risk takers who have this big idea that it’s all going to pay off if we just suffer now.

The mysteries of human beings. No wonder aliens find us so fascinating that they’re always coming to abduct us. πŸ˜›

Count On Me

Just finished watching the latest episode of Eureka, and as interesting as the show may somewhat be, it’s beginning to get a little too predictable. You can pretty much bet that a central recurring character will somehow get involved with the incident-of-the-week that may result in serious injury or death, which they of course survive unless it’s a season finale in which they don’t to add to the suspense and salt to the waiting-for-next-season wound. πŸ˜›

Have you ever thought about predictability and dependability as being similar yet different? They both imply that someone or something will react in a certain way as they always usually would, yet somehow their connotations are different. You’d think better of someone who was “dependable” as oppose to someone who was “predictable”. In most cases, calling someone predictable meant that person was boring and has nothing better to do. And in most cases, calling someone dependable meant that person will be there at your side when you need it. So what if there’s someone out there who has nothing better to do but wait for your beck and call 24/7 just in case you need his/her assistance? Is that being predictable because the person has nothing better to occupy his/her time, or is that being dependable because the person will definitely be there for you *because* that loser has nothing else to do?

Why does being predictable feel like a bad thing to be? Do we need so much excitement and newness in our lives that every single time it has to be something different? In that case, should we not have dependable people who we can count on every single time, since that would mean the same old boring reliable thing over and over again?

Why oh why do I have to spend/waste my time thinking about such nonsense things. πŸ˜›


Does an addiction towards something usually result from the absence of it from your life?

I’m trying to figure it out if there’s something missing in my life that may result in me being addicted to a certain thing. I’m not talking drugs or anything, but something as “harmless” as perhaps a TV show or something with a storyline that I may relate to but not necessarily see just how far the link goes.

It’s thriving off me and slowly consuming me, and I’m just wondering how to make it stop. Not that I want to, but I think it’s taking away my precious assignment time. Hehehe…

No wonder people say television is evil. It sucks the life out of you and give you false hopes and unrealistic expectations of life, reducing you to an obsessive fanboy/girl who goes around the internet finding bits and pieces of the actors/-tresses, trailers, interviews, spoilers, pix n vids, and god knows what else. And with me being in Aus and having stupid bandwidth quotas for my net usage, that sucks big time! πŸ˜›

Ella ella ella

Such beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, although my definition of beautiful weather isn’t exactly what most people would conjure up, especially Australians. It’s been somewhat rainy and wet, which results in wonderfully cold temperatures and cooling winds. I hate heat. I love cold, though sometimes it can get too cold. But like I always say, I’d rather die from extreme cold than extreme heat, not that I have a death wish or anything.

Today sadly is my last day of my Easter break… and I have yet to start on any of my homework, especially those that are due tomorrow. I *heart* procrastination, although it sometimes can be a pain. πŸ˜›

Anyway, my hosted site has been scheduled for expiration by my host, so it should be gone anytime after 4th April. I don’t intend to keep the domain name either, since if I want to use it with this free WordPress blog, I have to pay US$10 a year for WordPress to “connect” me with the service, on top of the price of my domain name. So ya, not gonna do it.

One of the uses of a hosted site that I never bothered utilising was to host my online portfolio, which is quite useful for getting jobs. I never really thought about it, and not that I have a lot of work to showcase either, but oh well, I guess paper and e-mailing will do, if and when I do actually need it. I’ve only compiled a portfolio once in my whole life, and that was for my RMIT application. I really should start coming up with more productive nonsense during my free time instead of watching so many TV shows.

Speaking of TV shows, am currently following two new series. The first is Eli Stone, which I quite like. It’s about this lawyer who starts having visions that somehow help him out with certain cases. It’s a medical problem, but his chinese doctor fella says he’s a modern day prophet instead. And it’s also light-hearted, and entertaining, and just a overall enjoyable show with a dash of drama here and there. It’s kinda like a more watchable Ally McBeal I’d say, with the exception that the visions/illusions are actually useful.

The next is Reaper. It’s not as interesting, but it’s oooookay only la. It’s about this boy whose soul has been sold to the devil by his parents way before he was born. The dad had some problem, and made a deal with the devil since they thought they could just not have children. However the devil conned them, as he also made a deal with their doctor (gambling problem) who bluffed the parents into thinking the dad’s infertile. So taa-daa, out comes the first born child, and on his 21st birthday he starts working for the devil. It’s not evil evil so much, but he’s just basically a bounty hunter out to retrieve souls that escaped from hell. It’s kinda like a more comedic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with the exception that, erm, it’s a guy instead of a girl? πŸ˜›

K la, that’s all for now. I wanna go do my homework!

Hopefully! πŸ˜€