Perhaps if I didn’t find it a tad leceh to access my WordPress blog to blog more often, I’d blog more often. (duh!)

One of the conveniences of Twitter is that there’s this text entry box right there when you visit the page for you to easily update your feed. It’s not the same with WordPress, where you’d have to go to a different page, fill out a title, fill up the content area, choose a category, choose some tags, and then publish. 1 versus 5, and in this game, the lesser one wins.

I’m sure one-step blogging exists, only wish I knew where it was. And I guess I’d like the option to either have mini blog posts, or lengthy ones where I shiok sendiri type like I really have a lot of interesting things to say (and sometimes I do, I hope). πŸ˜›

So what’s triggering today’s blog post you ask? Well, what about simplicity? About the simple things in life, and how to appreciate that in the face of shit, there are still good things that you may not realise are such blessings until you really take the time to appreciate their existence in your day. I figured today and yesterday was going to be hell days, but so far it’s been alright. Although I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying that, but I think things are somewhat under control. Somewhat.

It’s going to be Wednesday yet again, and I’m just watching this week pass by as quickly as I possibly can. I have two concurrent big campaigns to handle and I’m excited for them to conclude, hopefully with happy endings for both if possible. It has been a tough road, one more so than the other, but I guess you won’t realise what’s good until you’ve experienced the brutal ones.

Not to say there aren’t any more brutal-er ones awaiting me in future. Ho hum…

April 1st is coming. And so are taxes. I apparently need to get an “EA” form from my previous work place, and I’m figuring out how on earth to contact the ex-bosses who I have not contacted since early December 2009. Four months no sound from me, and then out of the blue I appear to them asking for something. If only I didn’t need to bother with this stupid tax thing. I wonder how important it is…

I wonder if e-mailing will do. Hmmm…


Common Sense, Common Sensibilities

I’m spending my night listening to some of my favourite songs in chipmunk speed because I’m bored and need a little cheering up just because I over-think and over-analyse things unnecessarily. I can’t help it… I’m made this way.

Gone were the days when I was a cold heartless person who had no emotions whatsoever. The past year has been nothing but emo-ness to the point that even friends complain about my blog posts. I can’t help it, it was a confusing time for me, and I guess it would’ve helped if these people did something to cheer me up instead of just telling me the obvious. You know who you are. Meheheheh…

Work today was alright, getting used to the routine like I always say. Routine routine. I wonder if this is my life now. The highlight of my day was taking control of Illustrator for a little bit just to do some copy (that’s “text” to you non-advertising people) changes to some of the visuals, just because I wanted to give the designers a break and also because we keep changing stuff so often. Can’t help it, I’m not really good with details so I tend to miss things out that my boss picks up much later after the files get saved. I try my best to pick up on the little mistakes, but I guess I need to sharpen my eyes. But yeah, it was a little enjoyable to get to use Illustrator, felt like I had a bit of control rather than just sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of my job that I am sort of capable of handling things by myself, although I still need as much support as I can get from my team especially since they all know wayyyyy much more about things than me. Plus they are quite spot-on with picking up on things that clients would pick up on. It’s just amazing, and I guess that’s why they are where they are. It’s something to aspire to I guess.

Apart from that, I got an angry e-mail from my bigger boss today because I disregarded one of his earlier e-mails he sent during the day, but I was really swamped with a lot of other things that I just didn’t have the time to reply his e-mail regarding some personal development website he wants us to join. Only managed to read both the e-mail and the following “scolding” e-mail when I was done with most of my other stuffs. I guess I need to manage my e-mail management better, because there are some e-mails that do get overlooked and forgotten. Eitherway, I replied him with a sincere apology explaining my reasons, and I have already checked out the site and registered (it takes 24 hours for the thing to activate), then I guess see what he replies and perhaps I will reply to that saying that I already did as told.

Which is kinda strange, since the Creatives (that’s the people who do the designing and creative work to you non-advertising people) always tell me that I shouldn’t always do what I am told to. Confusing betul… *faints*

Decade-ant Ending

This year has been quite a year. There were great times and not so great times, and there were normal times in-between. I guess 2009 was my year of change / transition, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the last I’ll see of things like that. There are always positives and negatives to everything that happens, so I’m trying to focus more on the half-full mambo jambo that people do to avoid thinking about nooses.

It’s quite interesting how a new year signifies a new chapter in everybody’s life. We all make resolutions, hopes and dreams, wishes, and other promises to ourselves and people around us for a change or a continuance of something that’s good. I guess eventhough Jan 1 is “physically” just another day, when everyone injects such deep meanings into it it becomes something very special merely because everyone feels it is. The power of the people, as they say.

I never bothered making resolutions, not just because I know I will most likely never be able to keep to them, but rather it’s because it feels to me like if you want to start something, there’s no better time than now, right? That and the fact that if I were to wait for a date to start something, there’s a high risk I might forget about it on the day itself. πŸ˜›

Eitherway, here’s hoping that 2010 will be a better year. Not that this year was bad, but there’s no harm having something better rite especially when it’s for everyone. Everybody wins.

With that, I’ll see you all next year then! Buhbyeee 2009! πŸ˜€

Silly Me

I always try to be profound;
I found I wasn’t a pro at it.
(I’m not lame. You’re the one who doesn’t have a sense of humour. Bleh!)

This weekend has been my longest break since I started working. It’s been 2 months since I entered the work force, and already I’m changing jobs. I start at the new place tomorrow, and I guess part of me is excited about the prospects of the new place, but it’s a very subdued part of me. I’m wondering if I’m starting to lose any sense of feeling in me, since life has been rather numbing/neutralising these past few weeks.

I spent the better part of today watching TV shows, which were the latest episodes of Family Guy and Desperate Housewives. And then I finally got around to watching (500) Days of Summer, which I really liked. It’s not too typical, but not too unbelievable either. It tells you one thing, and hypocritically teases you after that, which was a bit predictable but in an overall sense it’s something you can pretend you didn’t notice.

It’s sometimes a bit potong when you realise you’re relating yourself to characters in a story, because it kinda says that your life is clichΓ© enough to be put on screen. As guilty as I am with doing things like that, it does give you a sort of “3rd person perspective” on how things are, but at the same time also gives you fictional hopes of how things will turn out because evidently all stories end with happy endings, and although stories are sometimes adapted from real life, ultimately stories are NOT real life. Some people don’t realise that, whilst some others don’t want to believe that. Wonder where’s my place with that. πŸ˜›

I don’t know what life has in store for me, and I don’t even know if it has all been mapped out and someone out there is basically watching me executing these commands that have been set. People say life is full of choices, but I still believe that there is a possibility that your choices have already been decided, and you can’t choose otherwise because if you were to, it would’ve already been decided that you would be doing so. You can’t escape it, IF such a thing were true.

I wish I knew where I was heading. Why doesn’t Garmin come out with a product for that? Better yet, why do I keep wanting to know? I believe there is a deep and potentially dark underlying reason for my behaviour for always wanting to know, but I just haven’t figured out what that is yet.

Who knew my hand wasn’t the only thing that was screwing with myself. πŸ˜›

Hate Is A Strong Word

I just realised how the same weather that ran throughout the day gave me such different feelings and emotions. It was basically gloomy and rainy from morning all the way till nightfall, and although my day started out kinda blue, towards the afternoon I sort of enjoyed that it’s raining because the air was cooling to the point that today might probably be the only day I didn’t sweat in the office.

Rain is sometimes taken for granted. Some people wished it didn’t rain because it feels very gloomy and depressing, or it makes the temperatures unbearably cold to some useless weaklings, but I guess when you’re living in places like Australia which has low water supplies, rain is something that people look forward to eventhough the Aussies don’t enjoy the cold weather either that comes with rain.

That reminds me of my first week in Aus for uni. It was sweltering heat one moment that mum and I had to immediately go and buy a fan or else we’ll die from exhaustion, and then one day it rained in the morning and suddenly it felt like winter just flew in. I just loved it the moment you can feel the cold crispy fresh air. It’s one of the things I miss the most about my time in Aus, the lovely weather and clean fresh air.

I hate to feel nostalgic, but I really do miss the time I spent there. I think I’ve said a couple of times in this blog recently about how I usually don’t feel things like this or wish I could relive past experiences, but I think my time spent in Aus sort of broke my nostalgia-virginity and nowadays I’m always thinking back about the good old “innocent” uni student times with the assignments and lectures and tutorials and my days where I do nothing but wake up, eat, watch computer, go online, and sleep.

Growing up sucks doesn’t it? I think being bitter is part of adulthood. πŸ˜›

Wake Me Up When

It’s the last week of October, and I’ve been officially back in Malaysia for 4 months. That’s one-third of a whole year, quite a significant amount of time that is worthy of some reflection.

My free time nowadays, as limited and precious as they are becoming, are often spent wondering about how things are right now, and where they’re probably headed. A lot of them end up with question marks, and then there are some paths which are not yet as apparent, or not well lit enough for me to feel comfortable enough to walk on. Yes, it’s those dreaded analogies again. Deal with it.

I think life would be near perfect if we had a chance to see into the future to solve all our “if only” quandaries that many people are so fond of, just so we know if we’re doing better or worse because of the choices we’ve made. It’s a bit sad that a lot of people, myself included, rely on comparisons to feel better or worse about our situations because sometimes, there’s no point feeling good about something just by forcing yourself to believe that it is what it may not be. It boils down to that whole lying-to-yourself shenanigan that I blogged about a while back.

I’ve been bugged with these thoughts for a while already, more so with the whole job thing that has become somewhat… perplexing. Perhaps it’s all part of growing up, and that one day I will come to understand why all this happened and what I have to learn from it.

Maybe life is about learning lessons, and not wondering about all the what-ifs and what-could’ve-beens that more often or not just sags your spirits because nothing in life is so simple and straightforward. Maybe it’s about moving forward and onward, and making sure that these things don’t happen again.

And who’s to say moving forward doesn’t involve going back to the way things were, since the way things were would be a change from the way things are now. It’s all these little technicalities that fuck up the world we live in.

And there you have it. Bitch. πŸ˜›


Sometimes I get myself into difficult situations either because I never think it through, because I was half-asleep, because people are just not what you expect them to be, or because of bad timing it’s all of the above. Sometimes it’s things I do rashly because I feel put in the spotlight, or maybe it’s because at the time it felt right or harmless. But I guess, nothing you can do as standard will yield standard results all the time.

I’ve been getting myself into a lot of peculiar situations recently and as much as most of it sucks (there are redeeming parts, thankfully), I guess I’m just going to have to live with it. I guess this is kinda like what happened about 4 years ago when I switched from one college to another college and then finally to the last college I got my diploma from. It was a very confusing time for me, and I guess I made a lot of rash decisions that I later on somewhat regretted, and somewhat not because at the end, things turned out somewhat alright. But as life to most people are, surprises are abound waiting to jump you when you least expect it.

Anyhoo, I actually went on and on about being honest and stuff, but felt it was a load of bull and deleted it all. Have lost the passion to blog, for now anyways.

I still think it’s because of the ugly wordpress template. Ptui!