Perhaps if I didn’t find it a tad leceh to access my WordPress blog to blog more often, I’d blog more often. (duh!)

One of the conveniences of Twitter is that there’s this text entry box right there when you visit the page for you to easily update your feed. It’s not the same with WordPress, where you’d have to go to a different page, fill out a title, fill up the content area, choose a category, choose some tags, and then publish. 1 versus 5, and in this game, the lesser one wins.

I’m sure one-step blogging exists, only wish I knew where it was. And I guess I’d like the option to either have mini blog posts, or lengthy ones where I shiok sendiri type like I really have a lot of interesting things to say (and sometimes I do, I hope). 😛

So what’s triggering today’s blog post you ask? Well, what about simplicity? About the simple things in life, and how to appreciate that in the face of shit, there are still good things that you may not realise are such blessings until you really take the time to appreciate their existence in your day. I figured today and yesterday was going to be hell days, but so far it’s been alright. Although I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying that, but I think things are somewhat under control. Somewhat.

It’s going to be Wednesday yet again, and I’m just watching this week pass by as quickly as I possibly can. I have two concurrent big campaigns to handle and I’m excited for them to conclude, hopefully with happy endings for both if possible. It has been a tough road, one more so than the other, but I guess you won’t realise what’s good until you’ve experienced the brutal ones.

Not to say there aren’t any more brutal-er ones awaiting me in future. Ho hum…

April 1st is coming. And so are taxes. I apparently need to get an “EA” form from my previous work place, and I’m figuring out how on earth to contact the ex-bosses who I have not contacted since early December 2009. Four months no sound from me, and then out of the blue I appear to them asking for something. If only I didn’t need to bother with this stupid tax thing. I wonder how important it is…

I wonder if e-mailing will do. Hmmm…


Work Be The Death To Us All

I wonder if there really are people who look forward to Mondays, who can’t wait to leave home and get to their respective offices and start working. People who complain that there aren’t enough hours in a day for work. People who take super-quick lunches because they can’t wait to get back, or the more gung-ho ones who would eat in during lunch. Where are these people working at, and why am I not working there?

As much as I would like to avoid this blog being a place to vent my sian-ness at working, the matter of fact is that work seems to be consuming most of my time now. And I don’t exactly have a lot going on outside of work as well to blog about, and I don’t think people would want to read about my boring non-work life of sleeping, watching shows, eating, going online, and other inane stuff which I look forward to during the working week.

Tomorrow is officially the start of month 4 working at the current place, and month 6 working in general since I graduated. Last week I spent two late nights at the office, only leaving just before 11pm, and 11pm is probably not going to be the latest I’ll ever spend at the office, but I hope to not experience that for as long as I possibly can. I’m sort of getting used to the way of things, and am getting along with the people I work with. Well most of them anyway, and I really do try my best to socialise with them more instead of just finding them for work purposes. I’m still relatively amateur at it, but I’m giving it as much as I possibly can give. It’s times like this where smoking would probably help a whole lot, but I’m not going to let that be an excuse to pick up a habit I don’t really mind but don’t really condone anyway.

I guess there is a lot in life that is hard for people to understand. Why things are the way they are, and why we have to go through things such as working and earning a living instead of having everything handed to us. Do we need to suffer in order to appreciate the better things in life? I do appreciate my weekends now that I’m working, but I think the amount of appreciation I show for the weekends are just as much as I did before I started working. I guess if there’s on thing I can appreciate now, and that’s timeliness, because I realise I spend a bulk of my time waiting around for things to happen. And many of it are mostly beyond my control to a certain extent, and some are the result of my own carelessness or absentmindedness. But I guess that’s all part of the learning process, or so people say.

I think that’s enough ramblings to end the shortest month of the year. Chinese New Year came and left rather quickly, and so far the year has been alright in most aspects. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I’m sure as hell hoping it’s something good. And if not, well I guess it’ll just serve its purposes of making me appreciate the finer things in life that I may not even realise until I don’t have it anymore.

Hate Is A Strong Word

I just realised how the same weather that ran throughout the day gave me such different feelings and emotions. It was basically gloomy and rainy from morning all the way till nightfall, and although my day started out kinda blue, towards the afternoon I sort of enjoyed that it’s raining because the air was cooling to the point that today might probably be the only day I didn’t sweat in the office.

Rain is sometimes taken for granted. Some people wished it didn’t rain because it feels very gloomy and depressing, or it makes the temperatures unbearably cold to some useless weaklings, but I guess when you’re living in places like Australia which has low water supplies, rain is something that people look forward to eventhough the Aussies don’t enjoy the cold weather either that comes with rain.

That reminds me of my first week in Aus for uni. It was sweltering heat one moment that mum and I had to immediately go and buy a fan or else we’ll die from exhaustion, and then one day it rained in the morning and suddenly it felt like winter just flew in. I just loved it the moment you can feel the cold crispy fresh air. It’s one of the things I miss the most about my time in Aus, the lovely weather and clean fresh air.

I hate to feel nostalgic, but I really do miss the time I spent there. I think I’ve said a couple of times in this blog recently about how I usually don’t feel things like this or wish I could relive past experiences, but I think my time spent in Aus sort of broke my nostalgia-virginity and nowadays I’m always thinking back about the good old “innocent” uni student times with the assignments and lectures and tutorials and my days where I do nothing but wake up, eat, watch computer, go online, and sleep.

Growing up sucks doesn’t it? I think being bitter is part of adulthood. 😛

Midnight Nonsense

Guess I’m just posting something for the sake of not having a 2-week hiatus on my dear old blog. Just goes to show how little I have going on for me in a fortnight, doesn’t it? 😛

Am still as jobless as ever, although I hope things will change for the better in the coming work week, but I guess I’m not going to get my hopes up unnecessarily to avoid devastating disappointment. Keep things nice and steady as she goes, no highs, no lows.

Am pretty thankful that all my US TV shows are back on the air, although it’s not a daily occurrence thing but I guess those are the days where I should be really focusing on getting a job. Have taken on three new shows which is the musical Glee (which seems a bit blah, although I did enjoy the most recent episode), yet another vampire-based series The Vampire Diaries (it’s like a TV Twilight/NewMoon/etc, teen-drama watchable), and something fairly recent called FlashForward which is a sci-fi show about figuring out why people all over the world blacked out for over 2 minutes and all of them had their consciousness flashforwarded 6 months before waking up again to the disasters from their blackouts (ie rogue cars, planes, helicopters, etc). Still only 2 episodes in, but I think it’s getting somewhere. It’s set to fill in the shoes of Lost which is ending next year, and I really do hope it ends with a good big bang.

Think it’s a bit bad that I can talk so much about television. Although when you think about it, why is watching too much TV such a bad thing? Yes, there are some television shows which are utter crap, ie some reality tv shows. But there are also shows which inspire, which makes you think, which portrays stereotypes and then defies them. It brings to life what one could only imagine into something you can see and hear for your own self. Yes, books may be more stimulating because you have to mentally visualise things, but who’s to say that television doesn’t cause any mental stimulation as well? We’re after all processing what’s happening aren’t we? And with some of the shows on air these days, it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen, and you resort to trying to predict what’s going to happen next by figuring out what has happen, and what are the possible moves. It’s like reading a book AND playing chess at the same time! Cool right? 😛

The problem with television is that because it’s a new medium relative to the printed word, it tends to draw a lot more flak because it hasn’t been around long enough for people to assign to it this “artistic value” which makes something that may be utter rubbish become of importance and acceptable, like how nude photographs can cause more people to be offended as opposed to the nude paintings or sculptures which adorn the walls of museums and galleries. We accept it because it has been around longer. Racism has slowly faded in time because different races have been mixing with one another for a very very long time as well. Television is relatively still an infant compared to things like this, so perhaps one day it will get the recognition and respect it deserves.

So there you have it, my pointless late night post in defense for my watching so many television shows. With such capable skills to twist and turn something negative into something positive, I wonder why no company has snatched me up yet?

Probably cos I’m too busy watching shows to bother trying harder at getting a job, that’s why.

Need to change the header

Well if you hadn’t guessed it, I’m back in Malaysia. Have been for the past like 2 weeks plus, running around being a tour guide to my RMIT friends who came back to Malaysia. The first week tho was pretty much ruined thanks to this uncle (dad’s church friend) who was on the same flight as Pinky (RMIT classmate from HK) and me, who later turned out to be positive for H1N1 and ended up having Pinky, me, AND my driver mum home quarantined for a whole week. Sucks, especially for Pinky who thankfully had another 1 week plus left before going back to Melb with the rest of them.

Many things have happened over the past week plus, and I guess a lot more should be happening in the coming weeks. Most daunting of all would be the job hunt, a task which I am starting to feel lazy about and also a bit blah. But I think if I don’t find one soon, I’m just going to be rotting away at home doing nothing and living off mum, which I guess I have been doing long enough and hope to stop as soon as possible.

Haven’t gone to the extent of hitting people up for string-pulling and name-dropping yet, as I’m currently sort of taking it slow and easy. It’s not that I’m waiting for the perfect job to fall from the sky, but I guess I want to make sure that I find something that I won’t regret doing later on. That has been one of my biggest fears for the longest of time. I don’t want to regret.

K la, that’s all for now. Hopefully the next post I update will be positively good news. 😀

Happy Daylight Saving Ends Day!

It’s been a while since I blogged. No motivation, no inspiration, and just plain old laziness is to blame. The weather has turned lovely cold, just the way I like it.

School’s been getting a bit tougher with more work piling up, and more work not being done. I can’t help it… I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire.

Been trying out new places and stuff and it’s been quite fun I’d say. And I’ve developed an immense love for SoonDooBoo JjiGae. Mmmm… It’s my tofu love spilling over into Korean cuisine, originating from my ever predictable Mapo Tofu order from chinese restaurants.

Can’t believe it’s my last semester here. I don’t really know what to feel about it, but I guess I’ll try to enjoy myself as much as I can while I still can. I guess I’ll only study here once, and don’t know when I’ll ever come back here again.

And on other news, the people behind the tv show Lost are very smart dealing with time travel and its effect on the progression of time. I’ve always found flaws with a lot of shows and movies involving time travel, but so far Lost seems alright. They even sort of dumbed it down in the recent episode to sort of unravel how things can be the way they are. And they even verified my long standing theory that if people time-travelled to the past, they wouldn’t “change” anything because they would’ve already done so to “effect” what IS now. If you don’t get it, it’s nothing major. It’s just one of the “paradigms” of time travel.

Am I even using the word “paradigm” correctly? In my defense, that’s what the inverted commas are for… to show my unsureness of the usage. 😛

Happy Easter!

Christmas is Coming

081215 Bangsar Village Gingerbread HouseIt’s that time of year again where they deck the malls with boughs of holly, and I’ll be off to Singapore for my annual Christmas celebrations.

I know I haven’t been updating much, as I probably say in every post. WordPress has changed the Dashboard and it does look quite nifty now. I like! Maybe more incentive/inspiration to blog more frequently.

Till then, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all! I’ll be accepting gift gifts from now till CNY when it should be cash gifts instead. 😛