Hate Is A Strong Word

I just realised how the same weather that ran throughout the day gave me such different feelings and emotions. It was basically gloomy and rainy from morning all the way till nightfall, and although my day started out kinda blue, towards the afternoon I sort of enjoyed that it’s raining because the air was cooling to the point that today might probably be the only day I didn’t sweat in the office.

Rain is sometimes taken for granted. Some people wished it didn’t rain because it feels very gloomy and depressing, or it makes the temperatures unbearably cold to some useless weaklings, but I guess when you’re living in places like Australia which has low water supplies, rain is something that people look forward to eventhough the Aussies don’t enjoy the cold weather either that comes with rain.

That reminds me of my first week in Aus for uni. It was sweltering heat one moment that mum and I had to immediately go and buy a fan or else we’ll die from exhaustion, and then one day it rained in the morning and suddenly it felt like winter just flew in. I just loved it the moment you can feel the cold crispy fresh air. It’s one of the things I miss the most about my time in Aus, the lovely weather and clean fresh air.

I hate to feel nostalgic, but I really do miss the time I spent there. I think I’ve said a couple of times in this blog recently about how I usually don’t feel things like this or wish I could relive past experiences, but I think my time spent in Aus sort of broke my nostalgia-virginity and nowadays I’m always thinking back about the good old “innocent” uni student times with the assignments and lectures and tutorials and my days where I do nothing but wake up, eat, watch computer, go online, and sleep.

Growing up sucks doesn’t it? I think being bitter is part of adulthood. πŸ˜›


No Takesies Backsies

Still in a funk mood. Have started work, and it’s been alright I guess. I can’t divulge too much cos I can’t risk being Googled by colleagues or bosses and have them find my pot of gold to use against me. There are so many articles that warn people against doing things like that, and I’d like to think I’m well aware of things like that.

I guess, like everything that has been happening since I came back from Aus, all the ups and downs, from H1N1 to holidaying to job hunting to catching up with people to finding a job to being in this new uncertain place that I’ve been in, has been somewhat overwhelming, and somewhat undecided as to whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, or a nothing. We’re just all too obsessed with extremes, pitting one against the other. People who ask for both are just too greedy. πŸ˜›

My colleague (cheyyyy!), who also turns out to be my old highschool form mate (as in same form, different class), was telling us during lunch about how she chose to go to Wollongong, NSW of all places because she wanted to throw herself into an environment unlittered with Asians, specifically Malaysians. It’s not that she hates her own kind, but rather she felt that if she was going to pay so much to go overseas, might as well fully enjoy the experience as true as it possibly can, mixing with the locals and all that. Which she did, and which she enjoyed, and which she most likely wouldn’t want any different. That’s good.

I on the other hand, chose to go to Melbourne because I knew people there. And that it was an urban area. And I guess I also thought about my food options. And I figured, it’s still Australia, eventhough it’s overrun by Asians. Granted, I mixed with Asians practically the entire time I was there, but I honestly do not regret any bit of it. We were still from different backgrounds, and we had significant differences in terms of thinking process and even openness, but I guess it’s sort of like going through “challenging” times together through this racial bond that makes things a little more enjoyable and easy. Had a lot of good times, most of which I do miss every now and then when I’m feeling lonely being the only one back here.

At the end of the day, life is something you can’t undo and if you love what you’ve done, what choices you’ve made and its outcome, then that’s fantastic. If you hate it, regret the hell out of it, wishfully hoping to find an undo button hidden somewhere, there’s really nothing much you can do other than try to improve the situation. Then again, sometimes it’s not that easy. Someone posted on Facebook recently saying, “life is very simple. It’s other people who complicate it.” I guess that holds true to some extent, because people sometimes complicate our lives because we probably did the same to them. You may notice it, you may not, but I always believe what comes around goes around, karma, and all that.

I guess at the end of the day, if you can live with yourself and the choices you’ve made, and realise that it’s not THAT bad (a la schadenfreude), then sometimes all these externalities don’t really matter that much anyway because ultimately only you can make your ownself happy by changing your outlook in life, and your perspective on how marvelously shitty your life is! πŸ˜€

OMG I’m Free… Free-ish…

It’s June, and my university life is ending as I speak, counting down the days I have left till I have to say goodbye to my 2nd home. It’s 32 days, if you’re curious.

Sadly, uni isn’t totally over for me yet. I have one assignment due tomorrow afternoon, and another due on the 15th. Of course I can finish the latter one earlier on and start holidaying sooner, but knowing me, I’ll procrastinate on it for as long as I possibly can.

The weather has turned wintery at last, to the point that I’ll probably begin using my heater sometime soon when it becomes unbearably cold. Don’t get me wrong, I do love cold weather, and this feeling is probably one of the many things I’ll miss living here for. The clean cold fresh air, something you can only dream of back home in haze-stricken Malaysia.

I still recall one of those Lat comics where they installed a giant fan on the KL Tower to blow the haze away. If only that was possible. πŸ˜›

I’m still kinda curious as to what to do after I get back, work-wise. My career stuff will have to wait though as I will be playing tour guide for the first 2 weeks as my HK classmate is following me back for 2 weeks to experience Malaysia, and hopefully to rid herself of all these humorous stereotypes she has about Malaysia and Malaysians. It’s very amusing the things she thinks we have or do in Malaysia. I guess that’s what many foreigners who don’t really know much about Malaysia would think.

Most importantly I can’t wait to eat all the yummy foods back home. I think food-wise there really isn’t anything I’d miss in Melb other than this yummy pork bun thingey from this Viet restaurant. Yup, that’s about it. Everything else you can pretty much find it back home, perhaps even better and with more varieties. And most importantly, soooo much cheaper even comparing dollar-to-dollar. It’s a norm here that “real” meals (like single plate rice dishes etc) cost roughly $10, where as back home you can get the exact same thing and portions for roughly rm5, give or take a few.

Other things are of course more expensive in Malaysia than here, but I guess that’s how everything evens itself out. Regardless, there are still more cheap alternatives in Msia than what you can find here. Futhermore in Msia, places like McD offer refillable soft drinks and you can pump all the ketchup sauce you want for free. Here you have to buy the sauce packets, don’t even bother asking for chilli sauce because apparently they don’t have such things here. Some of my friends bring their own chilli sauce when they go for fastfood.

And now I am craving french fries. πŸ˜›

Eitherway, gonna go off to maybe do some work. Or more likely prepare dinner. Planning to make soup, because I’m lazy and all I need to do for soup is just wash n cut the ingredients and basically throw it all into the pot of boiling water and let it boil for as long as it takes to warm up my room. The perks of free gas. πŸ˜€


Make Up

Just when you thought things are going alright, then you find out that there’s actually more than meets the eye. Cis… the end is so near yet so far.

One quality that I don’t like is complacency as a solution to indecisiveness or fear of uncertainty. Given it is something that I myself am guilty of doing sometimes, but I guess it’s always more apparent (and more irritating) when someone else does it. I guess that’s the one thing I like about the guailous, or “locals” to be politically correct. They are very casual speaking their mind and are most often confrontational. It may sound like a generalised statement, but so far I’ve seen most of them as such. And it’s always the Asians who keep their heads low and merely snicker/giggle among themselves as they watch things play out.

And sometimes it kinda feels like we Asians areΒ subservientΒ to the locals, especially in group meetings. The locals tend to be the ones taking the lead while the Asians are usually the ones who are quiet. Dunno… just feels a bit odd sometimes when I’m the only Asian in my group speaking up while the others are all keeping quiet or not really saying anything or voicing any concerns to the group at large, saving it for when it’s just “us” after the big meeting’s over. Has happened a few times already, and I always tell them to speak up during the meetings, and altho now they do, it still kinda feels like the locals are taking charge of the whole operation. And not that it’s wrong or anything, just feels like we’re always being “forced” to come out of our shells instead of us naturally doing it.

Dunnola, just a random rant. It’s seldom I rant okay? At least this post more substantial. Woot!

Happy Daylight Saving Ends Day!

It’s been a while since I blogged. No motivation, no inspiration, and just plain old laziness is to blame. The weather has turned lovely cold, just the way I like it.

School’s been getting a bit tougher with more work piling up, and more work not being done. I can’t help it… I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire.

Been trying out new places and stuff and it’s been quite fun I’d say. And I’ve developed an immense love for SoonDooBoo JjiGae. Mmmm… It’s my tofu love spilling over into Korean cuisine, originating from my ever predictable Mapo Tofu order from chinese restaurants.

Can’t believe it’s my last semester here. I don’t really know what to feel about it, but I guess I’ll try to enjoy myself as much as I can while I still can. I guess I’ll only study here once, and don’t know when I’ll ever come back here again.

And on other news, the people behind the tv show Lost are very smart dealing with time travel and its effect on the progression of time. I’ve always found flaws with a lot of shows and movies involving time travel, but so far Lost seems alright. They even sort of dumbed it down in the recent episode to sort of unravel how things can be the way they are. And they even verified my long standing theory that if people time-travelled to the past, they wouldn’t “change” anything because they would’ve already done so to “effect” what IS now. If you don’t get it, it’s nothing major. It’s just one of the “paradigms” of time travel.

Am I even using the word “paradigm” correctly? In my defense, that’s what the inverted commas are for… to show my unsureness of the usage. πŸ˜›

Happy Easter!

So I’m Back In Melbourne

And nah nothing exciting has happened in the past one day.

I know I haven’t blogged in quite a long time, mostly cos I was too tired and unmotivated from my work internship I did the past 2 months. Unfortunately I did not learn as much from this internship, and I guess my first internship sort of set the benchmark that the recent one failed to meet. Oh well, at least I got something nice to add on to my resume. πŸ˜›

It was my first time flying AirAsia yesterday, though technically I flew AirAsia X, but can la it’s almost the same thing. I wasn’t expecting much, but overall I thought it was okay considering the somewhat huge savings flying AirAsia X as opposed to MAS, though with all the competition going on MAS has some equally attractively priced fares as well. It’s a bit weird having to pay for every single thing you want on the flight, as opposed to having everything “free” at your disposal on normal flights, though the cost of these things have probably been included in the airfare already.

The seats were okay, but I guess the lack of a proper recline kinda makes it less comfy. By proper, I mean the seat’s back actually reclines backwards. In AAX, the seat’s hard back doesn’t recline, but merely just the cushion that actually moves downwards and forward to give you the “illusion” of a recline. But for me, regardless whether it’s AAX or MAS or Cathay or what, on long flights my ass and back tends to feel sore and achy. Signs of my impending death from old age, I reckon.

I thought the food was not bad as well, but then again I find food served in MAS to be quite good as well. I won’t say that airline foods are fantastic and all that, but I am not as picky as some people la when it comes to having meals served thousands of feet in the air. It’s not like I can step out of the plane for other options. And I guess the good thing with AAX is that if you are really anti-airline food, they have the usual instant Maggi noodles, Oreos, Pringles, and the likes that more or less you can’t go wrong with.

The one sucky thing about flying AirAsia, or rather LCCT to be blamed for, is the fact that you kinda have to walk onto the tarmac to get to your planes. And the night I left, it was raining and there were some parts of the tarmac walkway which was uncovered and we had to make a short run from one covered part to the other. The final leg from the covered walkway to the plane had to be made while carrying an umbrella, provided by AirAsia fortunately. But I’m guessing for people with hand luggage that’s surely going to be a major inconvenience. Oh well I guess that’s the price you pay, pun intended. Hopefully the new LCCT, wherever it may be and whenever it gets completed, will be more proper than this.

Then again, thinking back when I flew JetStar from Melbourne’s Avalon Airport (the local version of LCCT), we had to walk to the plane as well and it wasn’t covered too. But at most it was drizzling so I guess I didn’t put much thought into how it would be when it does rain heavily. Wonder if they even provide umbrellas or just leave you to make a dash for it. πŸ˜›

Arriving in Melbourne was a breeze. Although the wait at the luggage carousel took me about 45mins (I think it’s cos I checked in early, so my bags were prolly right inside the baggage containers), I was fortunate enough to get a green chop on my quarantine declaration form thingey which lets me bypass the checks and go straight out. So yup that was good.

I was quite relieved to find my place not thickly blanketed in dust, so I just made some minor cleanups and am somewhat settled into my place already. Felt a bit weird being back, like as if either my whole KL thing was a dream and that I’ve been here all along… or that I’m still in KL and this whole coming back to Melb is just a dream and that I’ll wake up any moment to find myself back in my room in KL. But ya, that was yesterday, today feels more “real”.

And I’m happy that the weather today is so nice and cold, as opposed to yesterday which was quite warm. And I enjoyed grocery shopping at Safeway, which as sad as it may sound is one of the things I miss about Melbourne. And for calculative people like myself, I very much welcome Safeway’s move to include per 100gm/100ml/etc pricing at the bottom of the shelf price tags for easier comparison.

So there you have it, a somewhat long winded recap of the days past. Time flew by quite swiftly, and although it feels like it’s a long way more till I go back to KL hopefully with my degree in hand, I think that it’ll be all over before I know it. Just 4 months more only, as long as my holiday in KL was. πŸ™‚


Almost 3 weeks since I came back, and I’ve been in and out of sicknesses and other allergy stuffs that it’s quite annoying. The one thing I don’t miss about Malaysia – the pollution.

I have been quite lazy seeing as I’m on full holiday mode. Haven’t been doing much. At least I haven’t gone back to sleeping so much and waking up late afternoon, as I have been obediently getting out of bed by around 11am. Yes, even during holiday mode! Hold your gasps.

I think I’m starting to get accustomed to Melbourne life, and I guess there are things that I do feel used to doing that I don’t get to do now that I’m back. Dunnola. I guess everything has its pros and cons.

Another thing that shocked me coming back was how much more expensive things have gotten. A large McDonalds Double Cheeseburger Value Meal has surpassed the RM10 mark (tax included). I remember the good old days when it was just RM7.45 (or thereabouts) for a large meal. Years later, and it’s now inflated by RM3. Gosh.

And it’s a little funny to see the Heinz canned soups that I usually buy from Safeway cos it’s cheap… to be so overpriced here. Then again, the good thing about Safeway/Coles/etc is that they regularly have promotions for various products throughout the month, unlike here where it’s not as many.

Eating out has also gotten a bit expensive, mostly in restaurants. Even Nando’s feels expensive now, with a half-chicken meal at RM20. I’m quite sure it was like RM16-18 before I left for Aus. πŸ˜›

But yes, it’s nice to be back and having soooo much food at my disposal. And a car too. Plus with some minor road improvements here and there, it’s not THAT bad, although our roads are still faaaaaaar from perfect. And the attitude of road users are plenty to be ashamed of. Guess some things just never change.

I have yet to cut my hair, but I shall need to do so soon before I go off to HK. Yup, I’m going HK again. This time with my mum and sis for a week. This time, staying in a PROPER hotel. One of the benefits of traveling with mum – certain luxuries are her necessities. And it’s the first time (not that I’ve been to HK many many times) I’ll be staying in HK Island itself instead of Kowloon where my usual hostel is, so my immediate surroundings should be a bit more upmarket, though I hope not at the sacrifice of the more “authentic” Hong Kong-ish experiences like the char chan tengs and the corner hawkers selling fishballs, smelly toufu, and my favourite ιΈ‘θ›‹δ»” waffle-ish thing.

I am a bit worried though of how I will enjoy myself, since I’m not much of a shopper, in great polar-opposite contrast to my mum and sis combined. It’s scary! The last time I travelled with them was over 3 when we went to Sydney. They shopped so much to the point that we had to have a late checkout from the hotel cos they couldn’t make it back in time for checkout. What a waste of money.

K la, this post is getting a bit (ha ha ha) long-winded. I won’t be bringing laptop to HK, but I have my phone with WiFi in it so if there are free hotspots available then I *may* post updates. Or I *may* not.

Till then, see ya!