Perhaps if I didn’t find it a tad leceh to access my WordPress blog to blog more often, I’d blog more often. (duh!)

One of the conveniences of Twitter is that there’s this text entry box right there when you visit the page for you to easily update your feed. It’s not the same with WordPress, where you’d have to go to a different page, fill out a title, fill up the content area, choose a category, choose some tags, and then publish. 1 versus 5, and in this game, the lesser one wins.

I’m sure one-step blogging exists, only wish I knew where it was. And I guess I’d like the option to either have mini blog posts, or lengthy ones where I shiok sendiri type like I really have a lot of interesting things to say (and sometimes I do, I hope). 😛

So what’s triggering today’s blog post you ask? Well, what about simplicity? About the simple things in life, and how to appreciate that in the face of shit, there are still good things that you may not realise are such blessings until you really take the time to appreciate their existence in your day. I figured today and yesterday was going to be hell days, but so far it’s been alright. Although I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying that, but I think things are somewhat under control. Somewhat.

It’s going to be Wednesday yet again, and I’m just watching this week pass by as quickly as I possibly can. I have two concurrent big campaigns to handle and I’m excited for them to conclude, hopefully with happy endings for both if possible. It has been a tough road, one more so than the other, but I guess you won’t realise what’s good until you’ve experienced the brutal ones.

Not to say there aren’t any more brutal-er ones awaiting me in future. Ho hum…

April 1st is coming. And so are taxes. I apparently need to get an “EA” form from my previous work place, and I’m figuring out how on earth to contact the ex-bosses who I have not contacted since early December 2009. Four months no sound from me, and then out of the blue I appear to them asking for something. If only I didn’t need to bother with this stupid tax thing. I wonder how important it is…

I wonder if e-mailing will do. Hmmm…


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