Decade-ant Ending

This year has been quite a year. There were great times and not so great times, and there were normal times in-between. I guess 2009 was my year of change / transition, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the last I’ll see of things like that. There are always positives and negatives to everything that happens, so I’m trying to focus more on the half-full mambo jambo that people do to avoid thinking about nooses.

It’s quite interesting how a new year signifies a new chapter in everybody’s life. We all make resolutions, hopes and dreams, wishes, and other promises to ourselves and people around us for a change or a continuance of something that’s good. I guess eventhough Jan 1 is “physically” just another day, when everyone injects such deep meanings into it it becomes something very special merely because everyone feels it is. The power of the people, as they say.

I never bothered making resolutions, not just because I know I will most likely never be able to keep to them, but rather it’s because it feels to me like if you want to start something, there’s no better time than now, right? That and the fact that if I were to wait for a date to start something, there’s a high risk I might forget about it on the day itself. 😛

Eitherway, here’s hoping that 2010 will be a better year. Not that this year was bad, but there’s no harm having something better rite especially when it’s for everyone. Everybody wins.

With that, I’ll see you all next year then! Buhbyeee 2009! 😀


2 thoughts on “Decade-ant Ending

  1. Completely agree on the date thing.
    Why wait when you can take action now. interesting choice of blog deco, with the snow and all.I used to have that a few years ago. makes me reminisce

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