Midnight Nonsense

Guess I’m just posting something for the sake of not having a 2-week hiatus on my dear old blog. Just goes to show how little I have going on for me in a fortnight, doesn’t it? 😛

Am still as jobless as ever, although I hope things will change for the better in the coming work week, but I guess I’m not going to get my hopes up unnecessarily to avoid devastating disappointment. Keep things nice and steady as she goes, no highs, no lows.

Am pretty thankful that all my US TV shows are back on the air, although it’s not a daily occurrence thing but I guess those are the days where I should be really focusing on getting a job. Have taken on three new shows which is the musical Glee (which seems a bit blah, although I did enjoy the most recent episode), yet another vampire-based series The Vampire Diaries (it’s like a TV Twilight/NewMoon/etc, teen-drama watchable), and something fairly recent called FlashForward which is a sci-fi show about figuring out why people all over the world blacked out for over 2 minutes and all of them had their consciousness flashforwarded 6 months before waking up again to the disasters from their blackouts (ie rogue cars, planes, helicopters, etc). Still only 2 episodes in, but I think it’s getting somewhere. It’s set to fill in the shoes of Lost which is ending next year, and I really do hope it ends with a good big bang.

Think it’s a bit bad that I can talk so much about television. Although when you think about it, why is watching too much TV such a bad thing? Yes, there are some television shows which are utter crap, ie some reality tv shows. But there are also shows which inspire, which makes you think, which portrays stereotypes and then defies them. It brings to life what one could only imagine into something you can see and hear for your own self. Yes, books may be more stimulating because you have to mentally visualise things, but who’s to say that television doesn’t cause any mental stimulation as well? We’re after all processing what’s happening aren’t we? And with some of the shows on air these days, it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen, and you resort to trying to predict what’s going to happen next by figuring out what has happen, and what are the possible moves. It’s like reading a book AND playing chess at the same time! Cool right? 😛

The problem with television is that because it’s a new medium relative to the printed word, it tends to draw a lot more flak because it hasn’t been around long enough for people to assign to it this “artistic value” which makes something that may be utter rubbish become of importance and acceptable, like how nude photographs can cause more people to be offended as opposed to the nude paintings or sculptures which adorn the walls of museums and galleries. We accept it because it has been around longer. Racism has slowly faded in time because different races have been mixing with one another for a very very long time as well. Television is relatively still an infant compared to things like this, so perhaps one day it will get the recognition and respect it deserves.

So there you have it, my pointless late night post in defense for my watching so many television shows. With such capable skills to twist and turn something negative into something positive, I wonder why no company has snatched me up yet?

Probably cos I’m too busy watching shows to bother trying harder at getting a job, that’s why.


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