I Like!

This is just a random post to share something that I like: TV idents. I also have a thing for continuity announcements (which we don’t have in Malaysia), but I’ll cover that another time perhaps. 😛

If you’re wondering what on earth TV identifications (idents) are, they’re basically the branding of television stations where you see the station’s logo identity. Anyway, this fascination of mine started a long time ago when I was in Singapore watching their local television when I noticed their cool idents with the music and effects which gave the station a sort of persona, something one wouldn’t normally associate with a TV station. Always felt jealous because Malaysian TV never had anything of the sort that was cool and modern looking.

Then when I visited Hong Kong for the first time about 3 years ago, I got to watch their local television stations, including the famous TVB stations where all the famous Hong Kong dramas come from. That was when my interest in TV idents refueled, because their idents were quite amazing. Plus I really liked the jingle they used. Just felt very futuristic coming from a TV station that produces rather predictable drama series.

Anyway, they launched a new ident for 2009 which I feel is even more cool, and I like the added effects they did to the jingle. So yup, this post is just to share with you the previous and current ident for TVB Jade HD (高清翡翠台), Jade being the Chinese channel and Pearl being the English one, if you didn’t know. The idents before this were kinda crappy, which you can go YouTube search yourself.

Previous TVB Jade HD Ident:

Current 2009 TVB Jade HD Ident:

The new TV3 idents are also not bad, very “homely” feel to it. But sadly I don’t watch enough local TV to get to see all this happen.

I also quite like the idents for Star World. It’s quite cool, they actually did a few versions for different markets to adapt to the cultural differences such as women’s dressing, sports, religious differences, locality, etc:

Asia – General (HK-based):


Middle East:

I like how they had two women to account for the social differences in the Middle East where women are generally not allowed to go out by themselves alone and unescorted. This video is also the only one where there are no other guys in the lift (khalwat, I’m guessing) and they don’t dance.


That’s about it. As strange as it may be, I have always wanted to work in a TV station just so I could do things like that. Heheh… K la, goodnight world!


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