I think sometimes being swept away in the moment is a dangerous thing, because you let your guard down to the point that you’re not aware that something terrible might be heading your way. Then again, if you never let your guard down, you’ll never really be living happily anyways seeing as you’ll always be on the lookout for imminent danger, even if that never comes for you.

When you hear from people about their dramatic lives, do you ever wonder whether the drama was self-created to some extent? I mean, you kinda need to be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, for that to happen, don’t you? In some way, everything happens indirectly because of your influence or actions, so who’s to say that maybe people who live dramatic lives live dramatic lives because they make it that way? It’s that whole self-fulfilling prophecy in action, that you bring it upon yourself and you honestly can’t blame anyone else for it because, you control your own life and your own thoughts and views and opinions on things. That’s why the same incident may be spun into a big ass thriller, while to others they may just go, “meh.”

I think we’re just all living in consequences of our past mistakes, and that we get to where we are now because of our success and our failures. In other words, you need to succeed and you need to fail to get somewhere, because idleness, neutrality, and numbness is just about the most annoying thing ever. Everyone always talk about taking risks and reaping its benefits when it turns out alright, but I sometimes think that even if the shit ends up hitting the fan, that if you can see the silver lining, everything is going to turn out alright as well.

This is just a rambling post that is indeed filled with a lot of buried gold, if you know what I mean. Sorry if I’ve become quite wordy. I would post pictures, but then I’d need to start taking pictures. But I guess it’s easier to just write a bunch of bull just to get things off my chest, eventhough it may be random garbage that ultimately may not mean anything at all. Sometimes I just feel like talking nonsense, and I guess when I don’t have anyone to unload all this onto, my poor little blog is the next best victim. 😛


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