I guess sometimes when you feel lazy to blog properly with proper words, it’s good that there are songs out there that can do the talking for you. For the moment, this song will do. Enjoy. 🙂

Like I slipped lacking strength to trust

Like a boat lacking control

Ever since the day that you secretly left into the distance

Ever since the night that you left me

* Changed my life and my point of view

Any dreams I had in my heart has faded away

The one thing I used to support my heart before

Which helped me progress forever is gone, none of it remains *

** I can only drift aimlessly

Float into the black night

I have no direction when I lost you

I can only drift aimlessly

like everything has become a blur

The world that I stood on has collapsed… **

Like my mind has lost its balance

Like I’ve fallen into a black hole

Lacking a destination

I have no place to prevent this

I don’t know where to stop at

(repeat *, **)

(repeat **)


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