Make Up

Just when you thought things are going alright, then you find out that there’s actually more than meets the eye. Cis… the end is so near yet so far.

One quality that I don’t like is complacency as a solution to indecisiveness or fear of uncertainty. Given it is something that I myself am guilty of doing sometimes, but I guess it’s always more apparent (and more irritating) when someone else does it. I guess that’s the one thing I like about the guailous, or “locals” to be politically correct. They are very casual speaking their mind and are most often confrontational. It may sound like a generalised statement, but so far I’ve seen most of them as such. And it’s always the Asians who keep their heads low and merely snicker/giggle among themselves as they watch things play out.

And sometimes it kinda feels like we Asians are subservient to the locals, especially in group meetings. The locals tend to be the ones taking the lead while the Asians are usually the ones who are quiet. Dunno… just feels a bit odd sometimes when I’m the only Asian in my group speaking up while the others are all keeping quiet or not really saying anything or voicing any concerns to the group at large, saving it for when it’s just “us” after the big meeting’s over. Has happened a few times already, and I always tell them to speak up during the meetings, and altho now they do, it still kinda feels like the locals are taking charge of the whole operation. And not that it’s wrong or anything, just feels like we’re always being “forced” to come out of our shells instead of us naturally doing it.

Dunnola, just a random rant. It’s seldom I rant okay? At least this post more substantial. Woot!


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