Neobody Knows Why You Are The Way You Are

I tried blogging something inspirational / motivational, but I am just not made to do things like that. I am the way I am, just like you are the way you are. And if you can’t see how you deserve better and instead choose to drive down a one-way street hoping to meet someone driving in the wrong direction, you are just going to end up in a place called “Disappointment”. And it’s not going to be easy to go in reverse, cos the road’s narrow and you’ll end up being stuck or reversing into the longkang on either side.

So it’s always best not to go down the wrong path (as in the wrong street, not the wrong direction!). We all know your driving quite terrorfying, so for the time being please stick to driving down two-way streets. And you know, you kinda need to get out to be going down these streets. They’re not going to suddenly pop up out of nowhere for you to drive on. You need to actually seek out these streets in order to drive down them.

And if you come to some kind of road works or obstructions, just take a detour and go find other roads you can go on to reach your destination. No point waiting for the road works or obstructions to clear rite? Afterall we all know Malaysia things move very slow wan. There are tons of online street directories you can use to find the route you can take. And if you come across unexpected detours, just refer to these directories for alternate routes.

So there you have it. My nonsense post. About driving, in a metaphorical sense. Ahem ahem… 😀


One thought on “Neobody Knows Why You Are The Way You Are

  1. i know, i knowwwwwwwwwwwww.

    what can i say, i’ve got hopeless navigation skills. i’m trying to detour. getting out of this road. reversing slowly, because my driving skills are teh limited.

    but these online street directories. maybe i should stay away from them too. they can be quite misleading, and who’s to say they don’t lead to the land of Disappointment as well?


    i heart you. even though you’re a bitch.

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