Does an addiction towards something usually result from the absence of it from your life?

I’m trying to figure it out if there’s something missing in my life that may result in me being addicted to a certain thing. I’m not talking drugs or anything, but something as “harmless” as perhaps a TV show or something with a storyline that I may relate to but not necessarily see just how far the link goes.

It’s thriving off me and slowly consuming me, and I’m just wondering how to make it stop. Not that I want to, but I think it’s taking away my precious assignment time. Hehehe…

No wonder people say television is evil. It sucks the life out of you and give you false hopes and unrealistic expectations of life, reducing you to an obsessive fanboy/girl who goes around the internet finding bits and pieces of the actors/-tresses, trailers, interviews, spoilers, pix n vids, and god knows what else. And with me being in Aus and having stupid bandwidth quotas for my net usage, that sucks big time! 😛


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