I had my first Advanced Copywriting lecture today, taught by 2 lecturers foreign to my Advertising department. No idea why we need 2 lecturers to teach at one time, and the way they were at it felt like as though we were watching a theatre play.

Eitherway, one thing they said left a bit of a disturbance in me. “All copywriters have a favourite writer”. They say it’s almost mandatory even. Worse thing is that the main lecturer who’s going to be in our tutes wants us to tell him who our favourite writer is tomorrow during tute.

My dilemma now lies in the fact that I don’t read. Not read anything, but I don’t read books. I enjoy reading magazines, Wikipedia articles, blogs, and other various online stuffs of interest, but I’m rarely caught reading books. I do enjoy going to bookstores and libraries, but I don’t bring back “souvenirs” with me when I visit those places.

I guess I can say that I don’t particularly follow one author or writer, and to be honest that’s the same for me with music. I’d like to think that I have a broad taste in music, listening to all sorts of songs from different genres, heck even different languages. I am captivated by rhythm and melodies, sometimes more so than the lyrics itself. That’s why I can appreciate foreign music without having to know what they’re yammering about.

Can I say the same about reading? Unfortunately for me, reading books can be somewhat daunting and I guess very “old-fashion” as compared to getting my daily word requirements from the internet.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to read. And I read a lot! But I guess when people see sentences like that, they’ll automatically assume I read a lot of books. But sadly, not to disappoint, but all my reading comes from various blogs and web articles of interest. Be it a review, a news article, someone’s account of something that happened to them, or just general news and interest stories, I enjoy reading those kinds of things. And Wikipedia is my library. Granted Wiki can’t be trusted 100%, but it’s still a great source of information or at the very least a starting point.

I am still feeling a bit perplexed as to how I’m going to go about answering the question tomorrow. Maybe I shall just come out and say that I’m not going to be a stereotype copywriter who has to read lots of books. Yes, that and that I don’t play favourites!

— ps: added an “about me” page. for fun. 😛


4 thoughts on “Unstereotypical

  1. haha don’t worry la, the favourite writer thing is not mandatory, i don’t think. if you explain yourself well enough, you may just blow that suspiciously wankery sounding lecturer away. 😛

    people read for many different reasons. i read because i love stories, and i love the language, and i’m drawn towards its escapism appeal. i guess you read primarily to attain information (plus the interesting stories hehe). nothing wrong with that.

    me, i have a few favourite writers, but even then, i don’t persistently buy allll their books. i have favourite books, yes, but not writers.

    hope that helps 😀

  2. oops, must clarify this bit.

    ‘i have favourite books, yes, not writers’.

    as in: i have favourite books, and that is more… significant to me than having a favourite writer?

    you und anot

    • i un i un. but i dun think just cos u have a favourite writer it means u need to have ALLLLL their books gua. just prolly means they TEND to dish out books which you like more than other authors do.

      for me that works with music lo. i like songs, but i generally dun care much for the singers. but den again, not all songs are written by the singers who sing them. guess it’s a bit trickier than books. 😛

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