All Work And Some Play

I’m doing my internship now, and it’s been a generally mediocre at best. Sure the people do seem a bit nicer than my previous place, but I’m not really getting to do whatever it is I actually came here to do. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I was quite happy being in my previous internship place, because my mentor gave me things to do as if I were really working there. I didn’t feel so much as intern as I did a genuine employee.

But now here, I mostly handle fulfillment, which is basically giving out prizes to people who come and collect their stuffs. This is unfortunately the highlights of my day, because it’s the only thing which keeps me busy. If not for these winners, I would have utterly nothing to do.

I tend to be quite invisible in a lot of situations (despite my physical size), and I guess that’s one of the reasons why my colleagues probably forget about me most of the time, except one who (thankfully) gives me things to do, although they don’t keep me occupied long enough.

I guess it’s still too premature to judge my internship experience, but I guess there are a few things that makes me regret doing this internship, which in the first case was quite wrongly timed no thanks to my dad (who in his own way sincerely wants to help). I don’t have much time left in Malaysia before I head back to Aus, and here I am spending most of my day in an office staring at a dull and boring computer instead of enjoying my holidays at home staring at a better, more attractive and interesting computer. It’s not that I don’t want to work ever, it’s just that I know that it’s the holidays now, and I’m voluntarily working for experiences I don’t even think I’ll really get from this internship. Ho hum…

K la, I think this is being a bit of a bummer of a post, but I am feeling divulgent, if such a word exists (my spell checker disagrees). It’s not all that bad, I mean my teammates are quite friendly and all that, but still, there are many low points here. Like how I feel like I have to prove myself worthy of being in that position, that’s how my boss lady makes me feel. I think it comes with the fact that my dad’s friend, who is quite “atas” in the company, who got me the job. Oh well, I guess nothing in life is that simple.


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