Happy Happy

Wishing everyone out there a Happy New Year 2009!

There isn’t much to post about, mostly cos I’m feeling quite lazy right now waiting for my poo to process itself. Yes, you read that correctly.

I just started on this Kinohimitsu Detox Plum Juice thingey, and according to the box I should feel the urge to poo in 2-4 hours after consuming one bottle. It’s now almost 4 hours, and still nothing. They say some people may poo more than once, and in large amounts even. But for me, so far… nothing.

I am quite psyched to see what 2009 has waiting for me, and I’m wondering if things are to get better or not. I should be graduating this year if all goes well (and I hope it does), and then I’ll be finally done with another chapter in my life and start a newer one.

I will be starting another internship the coming Monday. Feeling a bit mixed about it, and I’m just hoping that the people there are nice and friendly enough that I can fit snugly right in to. If not, then I guess it’s going to be a very sian 2 months. 😛

K la, hope everyone will have a fantabulous year ahead!


One thought on “Happy Happy

  1. You need to strip from the waist down, walk around a lot, and jump up and down a bit. I guess this is far late. You already got clear, I bet.

    Sorry to hear about the STD. That once stood for subscriber trunk dialling in the 1960s in UK when self-dialled calling was new.

    Cy Quick

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