Merry Christmas

Alloo… finally figured out how to add the snow effect to the blog, half-thanks to Chen who was too busy preparing her coffee + tausar peah to respond to me quick enough when I asked her how she added falling snow for her blog.

Anyhoo, will be off to Singapore tomorrow by car, and I’m driving. Leaving at an ungodly hour of 7am, detouring to Taman Desa to pickup my aunt before heading down south for the next 6 days. Won’t be updating much probably, since I don’t plan to bring my laptop down and using my phone to update isn’t very easy either. I am officially swearing off touchscreen keypad phones from now on… and I think you should too. They’re useless for sms-ing while driving. Utterly useless! 😛

K la, enough of my pointless rants. Hope everyone has a merry christmas, safe flights/travels, holidays, and I’ll see ya all when I get back!


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