I think it’s sad that as human beings, most if not all of us can never be satisfied with the things we have or the situation we’re in. It usually requires something drastic enough to happen before we feel appreciative over something, but even then that eventually dies down and we’re all back to our old self again.

I think we can never really be happy with what we have for a sustainably long period because there will always be something/one/where else that will always appear to be better. And then there are those times when we can’t wait for something to happen, and once it does we can’t wait for it to end so we can go back to the way things were. Heheh…

Fyi, got a lot of between-the-lines-and-thereabouts to be read. 😛 On the bright side, I’ve been quite consistent the past week. A post every alternate day… not a bad way to end 2008! Goodnight!


One thought on “Unsatisfiable

  1. wow, it certainly is full of between the lines.
    hmm.. It does make me think. Tell me more about it when we meet up

    however. things are looking bright to me. Gold coast really is wonderful.

    Will see you back in KL by tomorrow :))

    I enjoy ur posts. keep it up

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