Mind Over Matter’s Confusing

I have a problem: I’m sick, but I feel fine!

I think being sick a lot last time plus always having lots of weird sicknesses and whatnots has somewhat “toughen” me. Right now I’m having a fever (sweating quite easily), my bones are a tad weak, I do feel a bit lightheaded, and my nose is being a bitch. But with all that, I still feel able to go out and do regular stuffs. I don’t even feel the urge to nap or rest.

So my dilemma now lies in whether do I still need to go to the doctor because I actually don’t feel terrible or anything, and at the stage where I am, I’m probably due for self-recovery in a day or two. I do get sick from time to time, and I usually never bother to go to a doctor. I just live through the day as I always do, just being a bit more “health-conscious” such as eating MORE veggies, prunes, fruits, juices, etc. and within a day or two the sickness subsides and I’m back to my usual self.

Oh well… I wanted to go to the doctor earlier, but then events occurred that made it inconvenient, plus it started to drizzle (although that stopped once I got home). Now the skies still quite dark, and I have this unnerving feeling that it’s going to start pouring buckets once I enter the clinic and I’ll be stranded there till the roads are super-jammed due to rush hour traffic. Gah…

I think after all this, I shall stay at home. As the saying goes, “feed a fever, starve a cold”… so since I have a fever means I should eat. Mmm, I spy with my eye a bag of unopened prawn crackers from my Penang trip. Meheheh…


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