Just read Ah Miao’s blog post about her diagnosed hyperthyroid and when she listed some of the symptoms, 2 out of 3 of them I have. Whilst I don’t have shakey hands, I do get hungry quite frequently and my heart does beat kinda fast, even since I was young when we had to do those heart beat counting thing for Science class.

Further research showed me this list of symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism:

  • Palpitations – my heart is generally quite regular
  • Heat intolerance – yes, very much so. one of the reasons I miss Melb.
  • Nervousness – generally get them when I have to make a presentation, though nowadays not very severe. Sometimes I don’t even feel it too.
  • Insomnia – I tend to sleep quite late sometimes, but nah I don’t think it’s insomnia. It’s internet-nia.
  • Breathlessness – I do. My old accupressurist told me that my lungs are smaller than usual hence I tend to have breathing difficulties.
  • Increased bowel movements – unfortunately, I have sometimes resorted to taking Fybogel and the likes. I blame my diet of unhealthy but delicious foods.
  • Light or absent menstrual periods – oh my my, mine are always absent… should I be concerned? 😛
  • Fatigue – yep, I do get tired out quite easily.
  • Fast heart rate – as mentioned earlier, I believe my heart rate is faster than average.
  • Trembling hands – nope, my hands are fine.
  • Weight loss – I wish.
  • Muscle weakness – generally don’t get it unless I suddenly lift heavy objects or do a lot of cleaning, things which I don’t do often.
  • Warm moist skin – think I have dry skin. But I’m generally quite warm/hot/heaty.
  • Hair loss – Nah, I’m fine.
  • Staring gaze – only around extremely boring people.

Based on all of that, I seem to have probably 70% of the symptoms. But I realise that many types of these health problem thingeys share similar symptoms and hence it’s hard to deduce by myself without going for a blood test or something. I still haven’t had a blood test in probably ever, and nobody knows what my blood type is.

Really should get myself checked soon. Got all sorts of sicknesses developing since Melbourne. I don’t know. Hehehe…

On the bright side, I finally updated this blog. I do feel kinda sian to update sometimes because it takes ages to log into my WordPress to post. I have NO idea why.


3 thoughts on “Hyperthyroidism

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