Almost 3 weeks since I came back, and I’ve been in and out of sicknesses and other allergy stuffs that it’s quite annoying. The one thing I don’t miss about Malaysia – the pollution.

I have been quite lazy seeing as I’m on full holiday mode. Haven’t been doing much. At least I haven’t gone back to sleeping so much and waking up late afternoon, as I have been obediently getting out of bed by around 11am. Yes, even during holiday mode! Hold your gasps.

I think I’m starting to get accustomed to Melbourne life, and I guess there are things that I do feel used to doing that I don’t get to do now that I’m back. Dunnola. I guess everything has its pros and cons.

Another thing that shocked me coming back was how much more expensive things have gotten. A large McDonalds Double Cheeseburger Value Meal has surpassed the RM10 mark (tax included). I remember the good old days when it was just RM7.45 (or thereabouts) for a large meal. Years later, and it’s now inflated by RM3. Gosh.

And it’s a little funny to see the Heinz canned soups that I usually buy from Safeway cos it’s cheap… to be so overpriced here. Then again, the good thing about Safeway/Coles/etc is that they regularly have promotions for various products throughout the month, unlike here where it’s not as many.

Eating out has also gotten a bit expensive, mostly in restaurants. Even Nando’s feels expensive now, with a half-chicken meal at RM20. I’m quite sure it was like RM16-18 before I left for Aus. 😛

But yes, it’s nice to be back and having soooo much food at my disposal. And a car too. Plus with some minor road improvements here and there, it’s not THAT bad, although our roads are still faaaaaaar from perfect. And the attitude of road users are plenty to be ashamed of. Guess some things just never change.

I have yet to cut my hair, but I shall need to do so soon before I go off to HK. Yup, I’m going HK again. This time with my mum and sis for a week. This time, staying in a PROPER hotel. One of the benefits of traveling with mum – certain luxuries are her necessities. And it’s the first time (not that I’ve been to HK many many times) I’ll be staying in HK Island itself instead of Kowloon where my usual hostel is, so my immediate surroundings should be a bit more upmarket, though I hope not at the sacrifice of the more “authentic” Hong Kong-ish experiences like the char chan tengs and the corner hawkers selling fishballs, smelly toufu, and my favourite 鸡蛋仔 waffle-ish thing.

I am a bit worried though of how I will enjoy myself, since I’m not much of a shopper, in great polar-opposite contrast to my mum and sis combined. It’s scary! The last time I travelled with them was over 3 when we went to Sydney. They shopped so much to the point that we had to have a late checkout from the hotel cos they couldn’t make it back in time for checkout. What a waste of money.

K la, this post is getting a bit (ha ha ha) long-winded. I won’t be bringing laptop to HK, but I have my phone with WiFi in it so if there are free hotspots available then I *may* post updates. Or I *may* not.

Till then, see ya!


One thought on “Depleted

  1. wah sien jor, so expensive the food! . but I’m also worried about getting sick when I’m back there in KL.

    I’ve been missing it like hell , but now, since the holidays, i’ve actually settled down into my Melbourne life, I was just simply trying to escape the Workload of Uni life.

    Thanks for the heads up of what I should expect in KL> See you back there :)))

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