Just another week

It’s another one of those “can’t believe” posts. Be forewarned.

I can’t believe it’s been like 7+ months since I came here, and in just over a week I’ll be on my way home again! I have never felt so excited to return home to Malaysia. I think it’s just missing the things you’re used to. I kinda wonder if I’ll end up missing Melbourne when I’m back in KL. That would be weird…

All but one of my classes ended this week. One ended on a good note, one on a mediocre note, and one I ended early by leaving the tute class myself. I still have 3 assignments and 1 exam to look forward to doing. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have to get all of my assignments done before I go back, eventhough two of them are actually only due in 2-3 weeks.

I have to say that this past semester has been a bit better than last. For one, I actually have people I “know” know in my tutorials so it’s not as lonely and I don’t end up getting stuck with lapsap groups. Another odd thing I realised is that I have this feeling I’m going to do quite well for the two Year 3 subjects I took, and I’m going to do mediocre-to-just-passing-(i-hope) for the remaining two Year 2 subjects. I guess it’s good news to my classmates who will be doing these Year 3 subjects in their final semester next year.

For those of you who don’t already know (shame on you!), I’m only here for 1.5 years, and I finish a semester earlier than my other classmates next year… if all goes well that is. And I hope it does.

So yup, feeling a wee bit grim about the outcome of my Year 2 subjects. One of which I already know my marks (anti-climax this one), and the other I feel quite wary since the lecturer is known for his stinginess in giving marks. Still far from completing his assignments. Bah!

As for my Year 3 subjects, I’m quite glad the two lecturers who are teaching me are quite nice people. One lecturer’s even specially having a separate exam for my friend and I since we’re going back early before the actual exam date which got changed. She knew our situation, tried to get the exam changed, but failed, and as a contingency actually went through the trouble of setting a separate set of exam questions for us to do this coming Monday. Sure it kinda bums that we’re having it a week earlier than the whole class, but how cool is that? 😀

Plus I think she’s quite taken away with our progress. I wonder if she’s even aware that we’re 2nd Year students that’s she’s wow-ing at. Hehehe… I know, I’m tooting my own horn, but I can’t help it. She has nothing but praises. 😀

As for my other class, I was quite happy to see that I was one of the few who got a full 30/30 for one of our in-class exercises that spanned over 7 weeks. The worse thing was that I only started doing it the night before and the following morning, where as some of my friends actually started much earlier on and some even did a whole lot more than I did. I nearly forgot about the assignment until the day before, that’s how bad it was. But I don’t know, I do feel that sometimes my best work comes out last minute, hence my very inclination towards doing last minute work. I can honestly say that 95% of ALL my best assignments are last minute work, and I am proud of many of them. Of course, some of them are with the help of some amazing group mates as well.

You know, if I ever had to give out a Best Group Mate Award, I most certainly know who to give it to. We’ve pulled the impossible, and we really went through a lot and I can’t believe how far we went with our assignments and presentations and stuff. Dunno, quite amazing lo. Can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my college life, finally having someone I can confidently say I can depend on 110% to do work without me worrying about its quality (unless it’s PowerPoint, the horror of her uber-uncoordinated colours and themes!). Not to say that other people are not as capable, but this one in particular outshines the rest when it comes to team work. Ah Joan, I hope you’re doing alright wherever you are!

K la, this post has turned out to be quite rambly. It’s been a long time since I blogged such a long post. If only I put more effort into doing my assignments. 😛

Catcha all soon!!


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