Burning Desire to Change

Not change my personality or habits. I want to change blogs… again! 😛

Kinda getting sian of WordPress and its limitations, such as having to choose from a limited selection of templates, or not being able to customise the templates to add certain things like tagboards etc, and other various things I may presently be unaware of until I actually decide to want to add it only to discover it is un-add-able.

We’ll see how things go. I still have my old Blogger blog, but I don’t update it or anything. Maybe it’s time I should. TBC.


3 thoughts on “Burning Desire to Change

  1. i had my own host before, but i don’t update often enough or use it to fully justify paying for one.

    summore not like u, so famous got ad money to sponsor your site. heheh… i’ll make do with free blogs for now. 😀

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