Daylight Robbery

It’s technically 2am now, but my body clock still hasn’t adjusted to the Daylight Saving which took effect slightly less than 24 hours ago. (not arsed to properly calculate the exact time, but it’s about there)

Kinda sucks that we lose an hour because of this. One hour less to procrastinate assignments, although I think in my case it doesn’t really matter much because I can’t help but spend whatever time I have procrastinating on arguably “stupid” or “time-wasting” things like YouTube and whatnots.

I have been very addicted to YouTube lately, I don’t know why. I know I’ve been quite slow to catch on to the whole YouTube addiction craze thing, but since I started “streaming” old TV shows off the Tube after the eternal waiting required for torrents, I’ve discovered that YouTube has a whole lot more of television-esque videos that people have uploaded for the enjoyment of the world (as long as they manage to find them). The countless hours I have spent loading and watching part-by-part of game shows, variety programming, and whatnots was truly fulfilling. Filled the void that I once filled with mamak food.

Oh, speaking of which… barely 3 more weeks until I get to go back home to Malaysia. Never have I felt such a desire to go back home to Malaysia. Unfortunately, my motivations are quite “salah” aptly put, since what I’ve been longing for the past months are for Malaysian food, and nothing else. (well not totally nothing else, teeheehee) I don’t think I can ever live anywhere without having good food at my disposal, or at the very least convenient 24-hour food places that I can frequent. Melbourne’s like a dead town by nightfall, as the Ozzies are very adamant about keeping their hours and their anti-competitive laws and whatnots, ie excuses to be lazy.

Anyway, it’s time I head off to bed, or thereabouts. This week and next are the penultimate weeks of my semester so plenty of assignments are becoming due. And me being me, always leave the best for last. Bad habit, I know. But I can’t help it. I’m like a pressure cooker…

… I’m hawt! 😛 😛 😛


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