Mid Sem

So shiok, this week is technically the 6th week out of 12 weeks of uni, not including one week holiday coming up next week (wow, that’s fast too). Assignments are starting to pile up, and this semester arguably has been more heavy in load as compared to the previous sem. The first week itself we were bombarded with homework and assignments, so yup, we’re getting older, getting more senior, and getting more lazy (well, myself anyway).

Well, I’d blog more, but I don’t feel inspired either. Tomorrow the Neo is going back to Malaysia already. So fun, which I could go back also. I want to eat so many things.

Isn’t kinda sad that the first thing I think about is food? I think it’s through influence. You know who you are, Fiona. (ooo, it rhymes too!)

K la, i should be getting back to my sho… i mean work! Olympic closing ceremony ma… once in 4 years, dun play-play!

Oh btw, normally “mid sem” is associated with mid semester exams. But seeing as I don’t have exams, to me it merely signifies the middle of the semester, half way closer to going back! Whee!


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