Tick Tock Tick August

Can’t believe it’s already August! I’m going in to week 3 out of 12 for my semester and that’s like less than 3 months more till I get to go back to Malaysia. Yup, that’s the 25th October thingey I mentioned earlier. Can’t wait lo!

In the meantime, this semester’s workload has been quite a handful more than the previous semester. I already had homework to do for my very first class, and it’s already two weeks past and I have assignments and stuff to get started on with one presentation due this coming Wednesday. However, I feel a bit more motivated today to get everything done and out of the way with so that I don’t end up having a mountain of work and regret waiting for me in the days and weeks to come.

On another note, my dad will be arriving on Wednesday. He’s going to be here for about 11 days, which is kinda long and I am kinda busy with uni stuff as well. We’re going to Sydney this Thursday till Sunday, and even that trip has sort of interfered with one of my assignments where we need to go to an advertising agency to interview someone and write a report about it. It’s a group thing, so I kinda don’t like the fact that we have a sort of tight schedule as well, since the person we’re going to interview is probably going to have an even tighter schedule making it a bit more difficult. I could ask my other 2 group mates to just go themselves, but I think that wouldn’t be fair. Then I’d be somewhat the freeloader of the group, and that’s just gross. 😛

Anyhoo, it’s now like only 10am, quite surprised I woke up so early. I feel like having cereals, but I just realised I didn’t put the milk in the fridge (it’s the long life type), and I like having cereals with cold milk. So, I guess I have to eat something else, but no idea what. I could fry something, but then I know that having fried food in the morning isn’t healthy. It’s not that I’m suddenly being a health nut or anything, but with all the damage I do to my health like by not eating vegetables or properly, I think every little bit I CAN consciously do helps!

K la, that’s all for this update. I’m going to go and ransack my tiny kitchen to see what I can find to eat! Till the next update, take care!


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