Good Morning!

Allo… Woke up slightly earlier than usual today, got a class in another 1.5 hours time. Client management. Not really looking forward to it, but what to do, I don’t think I can swap for another class already. Tomorrow is the last day for me to replace subjects, and after that I’m stuck with this configuration for the rest of the semester.

The classes this semester aren’t as exciting and fun as the previous one. Firstly, I now only have Fridays off (instead of Monday and Friday last sem), and secondly, 3 out of my 4 classes are boring and dry. The lecturers speak without much emotion or energy, and some of them even goes on and on and on about a lot of irrelevant things that I think a lot of people aren’t interested with. Or maybe it’s just an Asian thing, since the locals (the angmohs) do actually comment on the things while everyone else keeps quiet. Dunnola, feels like a waste of time.

I am quite tempted to change, but the thought of having to reorganise my timetable and all is such a huge turnoff. I won’t even know if the tutorials I want to take are full or not, and I will only know once my class changes come into effect, which is the following work day. So I think I’ll just have to brave through the whole semester and just think of my reward at the end, which is getting to go back to Malaysia early! I just hope hope hope that everything goes smoothly this semester.

K la, need to get ready for uni soon. Sian’s the word. Ta!


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