Timetable and Crap

Sem2 2008 Timetable

Damn nonsense post, just to show off my timetable which isn’t really amazing anyway. Couldn’t make it a 3-day week again like last semester because this time all my 4 subjects have one lecture which cannot be changed. On the bright side, my classes start 1 hour later than they did last semester. 😀

Nothing really much has been happening, just sitting out my final week of holidays before class starts the coming Monday. Not sure whether to be excited or worried (about group work!). Am still uncertain about the people I will be in tutorials with, and just an overall cloud of doubt hovers over the next couple of weeks. On the bright side, I get to go back KL after all that is done and eat to my heart( attack)’s content. 😀

I have been spending too much money on food. I have chocolates and cookies and more chocolates on the side table and in my fridge. I can’t stop myself from buying them, especially when they are on offer. And somehow I seem to always go to the supermarket on the particular days when they are having specials for the chocolates and cookies and chips that I eat. On the bright side, I’m gaining… wait, that’s not right. 😛


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