Damn Off

My results are out. Nothing fantastic. Did better in cinema studies than expected, since I struggled terribly to finish the final essay and also basically crapped my whole way through the whole class. I will NEVER EVER do cinema studies again because it’s soooooo much tougher than expected. Too theoretical.

Another thing is a sian thing. Two of my subjects are two marks shy of the next grade up. 😛 But alas, I only have myself to blame for one of them, and the other one… well I’ll just blame the lecturer for being herself. There’s a reason why many people don’t like her anyway. 😛

So yup, I did mediocre overall, but I guess I’m relieved to not have failed anything. I was quite worried about the documentary studies class, but seeing that I did better than expected for that kinda “outshines” the horrible short-of-2-marks-times-2 thing detailed above.

Tomorrow is timetabling, so means have to wake up early. One more week to go before it’s back to Uni. Then just 3 months more before it’s back to Malaysia! Whee!


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