Tech Problems

I always seem to get myself into very weird tech problems and glitches. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, seeing as it does give me more experience when it comes to fixing other people’s tech problems, but I still don’t understand why these things happen to me.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s cause of my body’s higher-than-usual static/electric charges. I get static shock very easily, and I think this all happened because I got somewhat electrocuted when I was younger and happily playing with the Christmas tree lights. I still remember when my finger got caught in the socket and the power was turned on, I could see raised bumps moving up my arm, though I don’t remember anything else after that. It wasn’t serious, but that is what I remember.

Anyhoo, I wonder if that charge sort of causes me to encounter problems with tech stuffs, seeing as tech stuffs are all themselves electronic. New or old, weird things tend to happen to them. They start having malfunctioning weirdly, regardless of how new they are even. I don’t know why. It’s just weird.

Eitherway, it’s the holidays now, and I still haven’t gotten my Wii fixed yet. Been procrastinating doing that, with my latest excuse being that I am short on cash, and since my rent’s due in a couple of days I better leave some money for myself to survive before thinking about fixing my Wii. Wait for the cash to come in, then only can go get the Wii fixed.

In the meantime, been watching movies. I still have a couple of gigs to last me for the remaining 9 days of my internet billing cycle, although the gigs get used up rather quickly. I have about 700mb to use a day, though sometimes I use more, sometimes I use less. It kinda sucks having this bandwidth limit thing because you have to monitor every single thing you do online to make sure it isn’t bandwidth-intensive. Didn’t have to worry about such nonsense back in Malaysia.

You know, being here makes me realise that Malaysia isn’t that bad afterall. Sure we have our problems, and things there aren’t getting any cheaper, and our currency is not getting any stronger, and some things never change or cannot be changed because they are enshrined in our constitution or some ruling somewhere, and there’s still corruption, bribery, deceit, lies, conspiracies, and whatnots… BUT among all that, Malaysia does have good things to make it all that more worthwhile living there. I think.

K la, I’m just talking about food. Everything else pretty much sucks. End of story.



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