I don’t remember if I read it from somewhere, or I heard from someone, or what… but I’m quite sure I remember someone somewhere who said that smart people generally tend to have weird quirks about themselves, mostly how they like things to go a certain way.

Not that I’m trying to say that I’m some kind of genius, but I realise I do have quite a number of odd quirks about myself whereby I must have it a certain way:

  • Computer volume (or anything with bars)
    My laptops displays the volume in bars on screen which always is an even number, and when I turn the volume up or down, it MUST be an even number. This is the same with screen brightness or any other sort of bar thing. Unless it’s obvious, I will actually count the bars to make sure it’s an even number. I’m not superstitious or anything, it’s just something I don’t know why I do.
  • Knobs, dials, or turning thingeys
    My window in my apartment opens and closes by turning this turning knob thingey, and I MUST have it land on the 6 o’clock position. It cannot be anywhere else, unless when it’s fully closed (2 o’clock) or fully open (12 o’clock). With other knobs or dials, especially those with lines to indicate a number, I must have the pointer point towards either a line, or in the middle of two lines. I will never just simply turn dials. I MUST have them either on the line, or exactly between two lines.
  • Positioning of food on a plate
    My Dr. lecturer back in Taylor’s College asked the class before, and a few of us do this. The main food on the plate (rice, noodle, or meat) must be the one closest to us, and the side stuffs or the scooped dishes (for chinese dishes type of meals) will be “on top”. However I don’t think this is a quirk any more so than just common sense, as you would scoop something furthest away, then slowly work towards scooping the thing closest to you, then putting the spoon in your mouth. The same way how you’d cut your steak by having is closest to you, instead of having to reach over your mashed potatoes and veggies to cut.
  • Being underneath stains/dirt
    I cannot be underneath stains on ceiling. I feel that the stain “projects” downwards onto me, making me feel dirty and gross. This was the case long time ago where some of the places I slept at (think it was grandparent’s house) had these water leakage stains on the ceiling which formed brown patches. I absolutely cannot lie underneath them, and I will purposely position myself no matter how uncomfortable it may be to make sure I am not directly under the stain. I think my worry was that should the part drop, at least it won’t fall flat on me.
  • Notes (money) in my wallet
    I know there are many people who have their notes in their wallet organised by denomination from smallest to biggest. I do that too. But for me, I have an additional requirement. The notes must be upright, and also facing forward/up. I’m not too sure which is the “front” for the Aussie notes as both sides have faces, but the Malaysian ones the Agong’s picture MUST face forward. It’s nothing to do with being a good loyal citizen (hahaha), but it’s just something I cannot help but do. I do this with all my money, even when I travel overseas. Regardless if it’s in my wallet, pockets, or even an envelope/angpow, I will arrange them such that they are all “upright” and facing forward/up, on top of the denomination order.
  • Measurement (for computer graphic design)
    Another thing I do with numbers. Like fonts or the height and width of lines or shapes, I tend to set things in multiples of two. However, I’m not so particular about the even numbers, but I tend to round numbers to the nearest .25 or round number. I dunno why, but I do. I cannot have it go like 3.897. I will make it into a 4. I am also quite particular about alignment. I like things to be aligned a certain way, and sometimes I like them to be the same width or height too. Then again, that may be more of a good-design kinda thing. 😛 
  • Numbers
    As obvious by some of the things above, I always seem to prefer even numbers to odd numbers. It’s like when there’s a special promotion on something at the supermarket (usually a price discount), I’ll buy it in even quantities. The only odd quantity I will buy is 1 (expensive/trial purchase/something I don’t use often) or in 5s. Have never been very keen on 3. 😛 

K la, think that’s about it for now. I can’t think about anything else. I realise I’m quite anal, as dear old Dr. Irene would say. No shit! 😛 


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