Sian’s the Word

Three sian things happened (in order of severity from least to most):

  1.  Laundry
    We have two $2 dryers and two $1×2 dryers. I only had $2 coins yesterday, and “lucky” me both the $2 dryers were being used. I figured that they should be done when my washing is done. Ended up the two people never came to collect their dried laundry even after waiting for 40mins AFTER my 30min washing. Sian. Finally I gave up and managed to exchange coins with someone to use the $1×2 dryer. When I came back one hour later (drying is 1hr), behind me was the girl who only now decided to come and collect her laundry from the $2 dryer nearly 2 hours after it’s been done. She should be shot.
  2. Wii Not Working
    My Wii is still not working properly. Last week, when I turned it on, the adapter sparked and left a small black mark on the table (wiped off easily). I couldn’t turn the Wii on, and was very worried. I finally got a replacement power adapter this week, and lo and behold it works. BUT, now it’s not working still because there’s no video/sound on the tv when it’s on. The tv is working cos I plugged in my videocam and it played. So now not sure whether it’s the video cable (I’m hoping) and not the Wii itself that’s broken. The Wii still responds to the Wiimote, so I’m hoping that it’s just the video cable that needs replacing. Still trying to find someone who can lend me their video cable to test before I go and buy a new one, but no luck so far. Sian.
  3. Rent Increase, Renew Contract
    I just got a notice today about rent increase by $21/month if I choose to renew my contract for another 6 months, no increase if I choose 12 months. Worse thing is that I have to inform them by 31 May, even though my contract only ends 17 July. I dunno. I kinda feel like wanting to move out to somewhere not so “evil”, but then I don’t have anywhere to move to either. Not really been looking, so yup. Quite sian.
So there you have it. Sianness. I know it’s petty and quite nonsense, but I need to post *something* to keep this blog alive! 😛

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