The Wait

Haven’t had any particular blogging urges as of late, and not much stories to tell also. Been quite busy with uni work as we’re reaching the end of the semester. I can’t believe that I’m almost 1/3rd done with uni! Scary how time flies by.

I have a TVC project to do, and another project for Borders bookstore, and a paper to write up on for Documentary Studies (haven’t picked my question yet out of the list, all also damn high-tech difficult), and the last but easiest Intro to Graphic Design assignment which I’m about done.

After that I’ll be having my holidays where I’ll be just downloading shows and spending a lot of my time taunting people who have their exams! Wheeeee! I consider that “revenge” since they won’t have time to entertain me, leaving me with nothing to do.

K la that’s all for now. Tomorrow is a long Thursday yet again thanks to Docu class, and I’m not even sure where the screening venue is for tomorrow. Need to check Blackboard.

Hungry also. No dinner today, didn’t go Safeway to stock up. Kinda having this KFC craving, and I usually will buy the 5piece or so so that I can eat for a few dinners (well actually just 2 :P). But KFC’s all the way in QV, and I’l probably end up going to Safeway as well. Dunnola. Rambling, cos hungry.


Btw, the title is crap wan la. Just using it cos Fiona has been waiting for me to post something new to push down the picture thing I made for her. Such ungratefulness. Used to it dah.


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