Fiona, My Bestest Friend

There you go… for all the world to see in all your wonderful glory! 😛


2 thoughts on “Confession


    you damn evil. cibai betul budak ini.

    why would u pick THE ugliest photo I have and do this to me???!!!! NIAMA!!!!!!

    EVILLLLLLLLL. *pouts*

    no justice. where got ppl take surprised candid shots of ppl who dropped cake all over? WHAT THE FUCK??!!!

    its so horrible. SEE LA.. people like u.. make people like me have to wear makeup every day. cant even go grab coffee without makeup… because of surprise photos like this. sien.

    ANGRY. i dont friend u anymore. u drop down to #100. HMPH! *stalks off*

    I am not eating with u ever. EVERRRR.

  2. i love the photoshopped banner and all lah. maybe you should print flyers and give them out 😛


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