Started my day today with a very blah tone. Just felt extra emo today, and I think the weather’s to blame. I woke up late for my lecture, and i just rushed to uni without even brushing my teeth! Thank goodness I didn’t have to speak to anyone directly, or else I’ll be damn sian if my breath stank. I really need to arm my bag with mints or something.

After lecture, came back home to nap a bit, and then got started on my group assignment thing to present to lecturer for her approval. Did it, then went to uni for our group meeting to finalise stuffs before going for our meeting with lecturer to discuss. Discuss discuss, then finish.

After we parted ways, I went to Safeway to go and buy food since I don’t have anything to eat. I ended up buying stuff to make plain ol’ spaghetti. This time got effort a bit, added carrots and mushrooms on top of the usual minced meat and the sauce. I buy the sauces that have stuff in them (onions, garlic, herbs, mushrooms, that type) so they don’t just taste tomato-plain. Asked Fi for some guidance, and she gladly taught me while laughing at me and my lack of cooking knowledge, skills, and also crockery. Tsk tsk… hopefully she doesn’t consider teaching as one of her career choices.


Then chop chop chop, cook cook cook, and voila done. Ate it, and it tasted not bad. But I guess you can’t really screw up pasta, since it’s like the most basic food that anyone can make. I’m not fussy, so ya I thought it was okay. Although I do kinda like the salty sauce type, like you get from Secret Recipe (awwww I miss SR!!). Not sure if adding salt to the sauce will make that happen. I dare not try though. 😛

Haih, mention Secret Recipe, now I feel moody again. Hahahha… I miss Malaysia, for all the wrong reasons. I mean I do miss people, but I miss the food more leh. What’s wrong with me? Of course, I blame Her Majesty of OUG. I do wonder if I lost weight again or not. Dunnola.

I’ve been having a lot of spot rashes or allergic reactions daily, no idea what causes it. Eitherway I’m going to stay from the fried stuff from Safeway for a while, cause when I fried this schniztel yesterday, I could feel that my tongue swell because it became quite sensitive and there was a burning/poking feeling. So yup, not sure what’s the cause. I went to the doctor last month when I had a more severe case of “fong mok” (think it’s called hives in English), and the fella couldn’t diagnose my condition any better than I could. I also know it’s an allergic reaction, but at least I got a name for it. He didn’t, and he just prescribed me this topical cream which I used ONCE only. Dunnola. Back in Malaysia, they have a jab that they can give if you get “fong mok” and it clears up within a few short hours, but the doctor here didn’t know what it was and gave me a cream instead. Useless.

Seriously, here the clinic very nonsense. Some of them you need to make an appointment, or else they won’t entertain. I had to visit two clinics when I had my “fong mok” because the first one said they don’t have any more space. If I were any sicker, die already la like that. It’s not like I can plan ahead for sickness.

Being here, makes you appreciate Malaysia a lot more, for the food and the 24 hour clinics that not only know how to cure and consult you better, they don’t require you to predict the future and make advance appointments too!


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