I tried making simple french toast with my leftover day-old expired bread (which still is edible and mould-free!) and it still doesn’t taste as tasty as the one my mum makes back home. She told me to add sugar, and I did, but it still wasn’t as sweet.

I think I still have a long long long way to go in improving my cooking skills. At the very least, they don’t end up still being raw or undercooked. Then again, even if they were, I might not even know the difference! 😛

Sidetrack: I sometimes wonder whether we should be reading too much into somethings, like dreams/nightmares, visions of the future, or even the things people say or do when they are drunk. Do we need to deeply interpret everything that goes on, or are they just random bits of peoples imaginations that utterly serves no purpose other than to amuse and bewilder you and the people you tell it to? I also dunno. Eitherway, this is just a very random thing, so ya, don’t read too much into this either. Was just a bit disturbed, especially with something that made me think of salad dressing. *squirms*

K I’ve said enough. I should be going off to do my homework. But I’m lazy, and I procrastinate, therefore I won’t.


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