Judging Books

Today my group met for the first time, as in all 5 of us (minus the 1 who we’ve all never seen before and is still MIA), and I was quite surprised to find that they actually did do their stuffs. I had my reservations and doubts, but they really did do their research and all that, which was quite a welcome relief! I myself had not done anything, and I thought we were going to be quite screwed today since we had to present our updates to the lecturer, but thank goodness my groupmates did something.

Was quite pleased to hear that we hit a lot of targets with our research document outlines, something which yours truly had a hand in redoing and polishing up of course. But I’m not taking all the credit since a lot of the points were brought by the group mates. I’m still not quite sure why they’re sort of outcasted from the rest of the class, since they do actually do work, although they do get distracted by things like Facebook and listening to music. I’m not sure.

Guess I should just wait for the answer to reveal itself in due time. Just hope it won’t intefere with the progress of the assignment, if not quite screwed.

On other news, Melbourne has turned into a freezer. I know over a month ago I was complaining about the oven-ness of my room, and now I am going to complain about the fridge-ness of my room. I dare not open the window anymore, but the cold air still comes in somehow. Trying to resist turning on the heater, since it’ll greatly increase my electricity bill. I do hope that the electricity company charges me according to my actual usage, and not a made-up number just to make things easier for them. I’ll be quite annoyed if they came up with a big number assuming that everyone’s using their heaters now.

Other than that, as the previous post would’ve clued, I had Korean food recently. I really should start “documenting” the places that I go and eat, but then I’m usually quite arsed to bother taking photos of the place or even remembering what was ordered and how it was. Memory’s quite bad, hence losing (gracefully!) in Bridge. But ya, I don’t know why but I never found myself interested in eating Korean food. I’ve had Korean food a few times before, but they were all several months or years apart. Eventhough Korean restaurants have mushroomed all over KL/PJ, it just never felt appealing to me. I do find Korean food not bad, but I just don’t feel used to it or have any particular craving for it.

I still feel that Japanese food is more sophisticated than Korean food. Plus Korean food has a lot of crap like veggies and whatnots in it, where as Japanese food is more minimalist and simple. I know I always mix my foods when I eat them (see how I eat mashed potatoes, you’ll know), but I think the Koreans do it wrongly. And the little side dishes, as nice as it is that they’re generally free and unlimited, most of it isn’t very nice either. Makes the table feel very cluttered and messy.

Besides that, I feel that even the Japanese names sound classier, like “sushi, teriyaki, chawanmushi” as compared to the Korean “bulgogi, mandoo, haemang tul”. Think the “L” makes it sound weird and a bit of a put off. Then again, maybe it’s my Chinese roots that causes me to despise the letter “L”. 😛

And why are there so many mainland China or Taiwanese Chinese people in Melbourne Uni? It feels rather icky to hear so many of them talking in their very accented Chinese and English.

I don’t know why I’m even going into that. Probably subconsciously finding things to talk about so that I don’t have to end up doing my assignment that’s due on Thursday! It’s a simple pimple assignment that someone once told me he could do in 10 minutes, but I don’t know… I’m not gifted with the gift of drawing, or resisting procrastination for the matter.



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