Seeing Double

I wonder if the poses were intentionally meant to look similar to one another to confuse the kids, since Doctor Who’s not exactly a very children’s type of show. That’s all for the title of this post.

On to other news. I’m still with assignments to do, just not doing them. It’s almost the end of April, and then I’m one month closer to completing my first semester at RMIT. Can’t believe it, so fast how time flies.

Spent the whole of last night playing bridge again. I never lied when I say I am bad at bridge, and last night was proof as we got poker chips each time we won, and well I lost, but by around 3 chips to the 3rd placer with 24 chips, and about 5 to the two people tied in first place with 26 chips. Liddat lor. I didn’t lose terribly, but still got last place. Need to start counting cards more and be more observant with what’s happening! 😛

K la that’s all for today’s update. Gonna go back to my show, and to pondering over whether to have indomie again anot, since I had my “dinner” (small lasagna and a yummy-but-too-alcohol-y tiramisu) a few mins ago only. Mum says to eat properly and to make sure i treat myself to a proper meal every now and then. It feels kinda nice of her la (although it may be her motherly obligation) to want me to really enjoy my time here without having to worry about money, but then I’m just calculative by nature and I love math. So ya, like that lor.

And I will still never really get why she doesn’t want me to do accounting, eventhough I love accounting and she has her own accounting firm. Weird. But my sister can take accouting, eventhough she never liked it previously. I dunnola. My family’s… different. But we survive. 🙂

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!


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