Verk verk verk

Art Direction Brochure Project

Just went to Dinkums (copy & print shop) to print out my A3-size brochure project. Double sided, cost me $6. We have another 4 other double-sided lab work that needs to be printed out too, and they are all slightly larger than A4, so some people either just reduce to A4 size, or they printed on A3 and cut which would be quite expensive. But I cheapo-ed, and printed them on several A4 papers at home and then cut and “assemble” them to size. 😛

It was quite messy, and really quite troublesome, but then I don’t want to spend $24 on printing so many things when nobody’s even sure whether it has to be printed to size or not. Bumped into a classmate at Dinkums and even he’s printing them reduced to A4 size. Dunnola. So mahfan when instructions are not clear. I don’t even know if I bought the right folder to submit all my stuffs in or not. Mine’s more like a briefcase rather than an organiser file. Dunnola.

Anyway, I still have the drawing parts to do before I’m officially done with this portfolio project. Australia’s quite mahfan because they require you to do pen-and-paper doodles, sketches, and whatnots first before you are allowed to proceed to computer. And as everyone should know my drawing skills are like my cooking skills: quite fail. 😀

Everything’s due 9am-11am tomorrow, so I have most of the day to do 4 drawings for tutorial work, and also thumbnails and black-and-white roughs for the brochure. But for the time being, just chilling and waiting for Pig-cess Fi to wake up and see if she wants to go for lunch or not. She’s been having sweet tooth cravings like cakes, so was thinking of going to town for lunch if she’s up for it. If not, then it’s another day in at home.

Hehehe… yes I have no life. Bah!


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