Time Travel Isn’t Possible

People always say that time travel is possible. But then, if that’s so, why hasn’t anyone from the future travelled back to our time now?

I was thinking, if it was possible, then these future people should travel back in time and bring us all their wonderful advanced technologies such as teleportation, so that I don’t have to suffer through a painfully long flight back to KL. 😛

The only reason I can think of is that there may be laws enacted to prevent people from doing such things to avoid altering time. It’s very complicating, and this post is quite nonsense, but ya I just wanted to come out with it.

Plus, it gives me another excuse not to do my assignments. Wheeeee!

Oh and also, I’ve changed my picture to the new one where part of my face is obscured. Hehehhe… The less you see, the better. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Time Travel Isn’t Possible

  1. it’s not as bad when you have company.. like my last trip to LA with family, relatives and all.. quite fun.
    but now i’ll be alone… boohoo~

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