Kenot Kategorise

Been having a difficult time with my Take Home Test for Documentary Studies that’s due Wednesday 5pm. The clips are a bit ambiguous, and we basically have to just decide which is the dominant Documentary Mode for each of the three clips, and then justify why using examples from the clip.

Unfortunately, I also not clever enough to make friends with the people taking that class, so I cannot turn to anyone for help (and hopefully right answers).

Need to start working more on my social skills! But ya, I feel a bit intimidated with Australians, especially since they have a hard time understanding me when I talk, and vice versa. 😛

And I also realise that I have a hard time saying my street address. I once told this counter woman, “9 Earl Street”, and she wrote “903” instead. Way to boost my confidence…

The end.


5 thoughts on “Kenot Kategorise

  1. aiyo so poor thing! i know what u mean…. ha… ok this is scary but i tried to think of sth comforting to say but …couldn’t! but ya.. ha. ok this is so not making sense. lol.

  2. pj – i have a bit of difficulty with certain words wan la. 😛 plus since their accent here so different, makes it harder for them to get wat i’m saying.

    tim – i have no idea wat you are trying to say also. hehehe 😛

  3. aussie accent is difficult cos they mumble and they dun pronounce the words fully. and they like to change “er” to “ah”… like “butter” becomes “buttah”.

    annoying is wat it is. 😛

    plus we generally watch a lot of american shows, so we’re more accustomed to their accent i guess. 🙂

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