Busy Busy Week

Won’t be blogging as much as the next two weeks are filled with a lot of assignment deadlines. The coming week I have essay-type assignments due, and the following week is the worst… design-type assignments which are harder to do. 😛

I realise that Documentary Studies is not easy, especially the part where we have to try and identify which type of Documentary mode a particular one is shown to us, because nobody actually sticks to the hard and fast rules of a particular mode. I know you may not know what “mode” I am talking about, but basically according to this fella called Bill Nichols, there are four documentary categories, each having its own purpose and filming style.

Intro to Graphic Design and Art Direction are also not as simple, because apparently it is the culture here to start with pen and paper before heading to the computer. Dunnola, I don’t like. Felt like a waste of time only. Maybe I’m just the type of person who likes to rush into things. Whateverrrrr 😛

On another note, the exercise regiment has been postponed to the week after seeing as all of us have a lot of assignments to catch up on. At least we still remember it exists!


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