Le Lien

Click here to listen to the song hosted on imeem.com. I can’t embed it on the blog directly. Soz!

Song that I recently heard during one of my classes when the lecturer played an online radio station. It’s by this French singer called Grégory Lemarchal. His songs are generally quite nice, and I found out about him sometime middle of last year. He was only 23 last year when he passed away due to complications from his cycstic fibrosis, so ya quite wasted that his talents end there.

I’m not exactly sure what the song is about, since I no parlez the francais, and you can’t really trust online translators, but what I can tell is it’s about relationships and love la, the same old nonsense that a lot of songs generally sing about.

My favourite part of this song is the chorus part. The rest of it were quite so-so only la.

K la, that’s all for this post! 😛 Hope you like the song.


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