Hong Kong Finalé, Finally!

I believe I didn’t post the last part of my Hong Kong trip on my now defunct derrickflc.com blog, so I’m just gonna post the remaining pictures up here so that I can clear up my desktop.

The highlight of the last part of my Hong Kong trip would ironically be Macau instead. But first… we shall start with the day after Disneyland Hong Kong (which I still feel was a very magical and enjoyable experience contrary to what a lot of people say).

Wong Tai Sin

Went back to ol’ Wong Tai Sin temple, one of Hong Kong’s more “accurate” temples in terms of fortune telling and whatnots.

Looking for Love

They get the free canister of numbered sticks, kneel down facing the alter, and with their question(s) in mind they will shake the sticks until one falls out. Then you go to one of the fortune telling shops nearby within the temple compound to get your reading done. I myself didn’t ask my fortune, cos of unspecified reasons. 😛 But SC and Fi did, asking about relationships and I think either their future health or work or something along those lines… I dunno, they were all talking in Canto.

Don’t remember much of what we did later in the day.

Following day, we went to explore Hong Kong Island more, although again I don’t remember much since it’s so many months ago.

At night, as we were returning to the MTR station from our dinner, we passed by this crowd of people. Apparently it’s some promo for the movie Kung Fu Dunk.

Celebrity Spotting

We decided to stand there and wait to see who comes out. Unfortunately there were a lot of loser people nearer to the stage holding up a lot of signages and blocking our view of the stage. It was seriously super annoying.

Kung Fu Dunk Celebs

Finally the people came out. There was Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, and also one more guy from the movie who I don’t know. After a while we got bored, so we decided to head on home. 😀

The next day, we were supposed to wake up early to catch the ferry to Macau. But upon hearing that there are soooooo many ferries to Macau, we only left around near noon. We’re all lazy, and we all love to sleep.


Macau’s ferry terminal was quite old, and it reminded me a bit of Subang Airport with the tiles and the “old building” feeling. Macau itself wasn’t very amazing, and generally quite old and dirty most of it. It felt a bit like the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, with the oldness and all, substitute English words with Portuguese.

Largo Do Senado

This is the main area of Macau, Senate Square (Largo Do Senado in Portuguese). It’s in the heart of Macau and it’s the only “glam” street in the whole tiny country. Everywhere else was quite run down and dirty. 😛

Macau Shopping

The street is littered with shops left and right, and is probably the only shopping venue in the whole country. Didn’t see anywhere else that had “real” shops like here, real defined as international brands like Body Shop as you can see in the picture, and not local unknown shops.

Towards the end, if you follow the signs and all, you’ll end up at one of Macau’s famous landmarks.

St Paul's Cathedral

I can’t remember why only the façade remains standing. Think it was a fire, or something. I dunno. It’s Macau, too small and insignificant to bother with.

Back view of Cathedral

You walk up the stairs, then pass through the exterior front of the Cathedral, and then there are stairs on the side where you can walk up so that you can peek through the “windows” of the Cathedral for a look see of Macau city.

View from the Cathedral

The big ugly building at the background on the left is the Grand Lisboa casino hotel. I’m sure all of you know that Macau is home to a lot of casinos. We visited two casinos, but more on that later. For now we’re holy, and we’re exploring a cathedral site.

Remains of the Catheral

This is the inside of the Cathedral, which I’m guessing most of you have never seen before. Always only see the outside, never get to see the inside… until now! The back part houses the tomb of somebody (St Paul?), and a little museum.

We walked around a bit here and there, and then after that we went back to this little dirty gross restaurant so that Ms Siuhei Wu could have her Pork Chop Burger, which turned out to be quite a disappointment. From there we headed to one of the casinos in the city, which wasn’t much, before taking a free bus back to the ferry terminal to head home.

The terminal had loads and loads of free shuttle busses to a lot of the casinos. My mum had called earlier, and she said that since we were in Macau, we should at least go and check out the newly opened Venetian Macao. We budget our time, and we quickly went to catch the free bus to the Venetian!

Venetian Macao

We didn’t explore the whole building. Instead, we straightaway headed to the heart of the Venetian:

Venetian Casino

This is not the casino itself, but it leads to the casino. Don’t think I can take pictures inside. But I really really do like the casino cos it’s so big and spacious and open, unlike most other casinos which tend to be a bit dark, a bit crowded, and not very glamorous. We had about an hour or so to play. SC and Fi were loserly playing slots, slowly losing money cent by cent, while I went to play Blackjack.

The two lost, quite a lot I might add. But I made up their losses with my winnings of HK$600. Was quite fun, and I was quite happy. But sadly in the end, when we got back to the ferry terminal, the ferry we wanted to catch was apparently sold out and the next one would only leave around 1am. By the time we get back to HK, the MTR would’ve closed and we would have to take the taxi instead. It’s a looooong journey by taxi, and it’s gonna cost a lot.

There were these bunch of people who were selling the tickets for the ferry we wanted to catch for about $20 more each. No choice, we paid for them using my winnings, to make the two people not feel as bad. In a way, they paid for our ferry ticket back, so can la. No win, no lose. 🙂

And that’s all. The two days were spent just walking around, shopping, visiting the Golden Computer Arcade watever at Sham Shui Po to buy my Nintendo DS and my Wii-motes, chilling at Fi’s house and stuff. Then finally, Tuesday came and it was time to say goodbye to Hong Kong again.

So yup, that’s my Hong Kong trip. I really really enjoy visiting Hong Kong. It’s a very nice place, with a lot of things to see and do. Plus, you really do feel quite at home sometimes, especially surrounded by all the chinese people. Hehehhe…


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