In Between Classes


K I missed out on my post-every-to-day thing I had going on, and this is not a proper full post either, but whatever. It’s my blog, I believe I’m entitled to do as I wish. 😛

Anyways this is just a short one. In-between classes, so decided to come back and have my breakfast since I’ll be class-ing from 12.30 all the way to 5.30, and I’ll be quite hungry if I don’t have anything to eat.

Wanted to do my assignment, but I got lazy. Hopefully lecturer won’t call on us to show him our progress, of which I have none. It’s quite sian, alllllll my assignments requires drawing, some more detailed than others. Some require colour markers or A3 paper, both of which I don’t have. Mahfan can die, can?

Oh and I bought a new frying pan. I got sick of the old stainless steel one which gave me problems and didn’t heat evenly I believe, resulting in a lot of burnt parts around the insides of the pan. It’s just gross. The new one’s a non-stick one, and so far it’s been quite good. I’ll try to fry something “sticky” later, prolly sausages, to see if it’ll cook it better than the old horrid stainless steel one. If it works out well, I can start being more adventurous with cooking.

Okay, this post seems long enough for a quickie. I’d change it to a “dailies”, but then I’m honest! 😀


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