Back to Regular Programming

The holiday season is over, and everybody’s going to go back to their regular boring studious self. Ho hum…

My assignments have been quite sian. During my initial programme briefing, we were told that this course is more theoretical than practical, but then I have sooooo many things to draw out and design, and waaaay lesser stuff to just type and crap about on the computer. I always felt that it’s always better to do written stuff rather than drawing stuff because it’s way easier to crap written stuff, but there’s no way you can crap design stuff because you have to actually take the time to do it out.

Anyway, I have begun keeping up with my assignment work, particularly the one which requires me to get 20 things to do or visit in Melbourne. I’m almost done doing this rough mock up of the brochure, but apparently we need to come up with 3 concepts. The class can be quite confusing, because it always says on the tutorial brief paper thingey that by the end of the day a concept will be approved, but that has never happened. People give suggestions on ways to improve, but they don’t really narrow down on one concept to be approved. Dunnola, just feels confusing as to what stage are we at and all that. Worse still, I’m wondering if we have to submit our rough work we did, cos I’m kinda just skipping to the stage we’re at now.

I never really understood why we need to go through all these stages, some of which feels kinda unnecessary. And I dislike drawing because my drawing sucks, so it makes the work less desirable to do. It’s quite sian, but I guess that’s life for you.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me this week, and all of them have been left undone. I’m basically gonna just do the work the day before its due, and hopefully I won’t get into any sort of trouble because of that. 😛

And yes, I have fulfilled yet another blog-every-2-day quota! Whoopdeedoo to me!


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