It’d be kinda cool…

If a giant monster came and terrorize Melbourne now. Then it wouldn’t be so boring now. 😛

Room Night View

It’s another cold night here, and I’m not sure if this is going to continue well into winter since it’s technically autumn now. Daylight Saving is ending next Sunday (April 6th), and it’ll be my first time going through it. I’ll gain an extra hour from 2am to 2.59am, and it feels kinda cool I guess. It’s a lame geeky nerdy thing to feel cool about, but I don’t care. 🙂

So far, this new blog seems to be going well. One blog post every other day. It’s a real progress from the previous blog, where it was updates once every few weeks/months. It’s not that I have nothing better to do that I can end up blogging so “frequently”. I do have assignments to work on, but then procrastination just loves getting to me, and I don’t feel like doing anything about it. Cos it’s fun!

K la, I won’t blog so long, because sometimes looooooong posts can be quite daunting to read (hey neo!). Hope everyone has a good weekend!



6 thoughts on “It’d be kinda cool…

  1. yah yah my posts are long cos i’m cheong hei, but at least i don’t go on forever whining about the same small thing on msn/gtalk. 😛

  2. erm it’s doing alright. still functioning smoothly and all that. 😀

    dun have any apps to share. dun use that many apps, since a lot of them require internet, and in Aus internet isn’t cheap, and there’s stupid bandwidth quota.

  3. ah true also. but it would be fun if you can access internet freely with those apps. heh…

    but why r u only active in the nintendo threads in lyn? u own a wii? or ds?

  4. ya i do own a wii and a ds, but i haven’t been playing with them much since i came to aus. been quite busy with assignments. 😛

    but i haven’t been to lyn in a long time already. 😛 been saving my precious bandwidth for my tv shows. hehehe…

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